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How can I change my password?Steps on how you can change or reset your password for your account.
Can I upgrade my plan/subscription from Pro to ProPlus or Premium?I want to upgrade my plan/subscription from Pro to ProPlus or Premium
Where can I see my Invoices?Where to find your billing details and keep track of your invoices in your EmbedSocial account.
Where can I change my billing info?Update or change your billing info in your EmbedSocial account.
Why I am unable to add a new source?This is the most common reason for not being able to add a new source
How can I convert to a yearly subscription?How can you switch/subscribe to a annual/yearly plan rather than a monthly subscription.
Can more people access the same account?How to get multiple logins and have multiple people have access the same account.
How can I change the email address of my EmbedSocial account?Steps on how you can change your email for your account.
EmbedSocial's Agency sub-account systemHow to enable the Sub-Account system for Agencies that manage multiple/more clients
I want to cancel my subscription. What should I do?This is what you need to do if you do not want to renew your subscription.
How can I change my password if I don't know the current one?Learn the steps on how to change the password if you don't know your current one
How do I cancel my account?Instructions how to stop using our service, and cancel the trial/subscription.
How do I delete my account?Steps on how you can delete your EmbedSocial account.
How can I downgrade my plan?Learn how to downgrade your plan inside your EmbedSocial account
How can I renew my subscription?Learn on how to renew your already canceled subscription
Can I access the billing page or update billing information through my team member account?Learn if you can access the billing page and update your billing information through a team member account