Best UGC Widgets for Your Website

Embed user-generated content on your website for more trust, engagement and sales.

User-Generated Content Widgets

User-generated content doesn’t just have to live on social media channels. If you already curate and share it through your own accounts, you can expand the reach and value of that content by placing it directly on your website with interactive UGC widgets.

EmbedSocial can generate and display UGC in a well-crafted widget that you can publish on your website with just one line of code. Choose your favorite social media platform and select what do you want to display, whether that be posts, reviews, or stories from your products. With EmbedSocial you can try various layouts of your feed and even do additional customizations. The greatest thing is that you can make your widget shoppable!

You won’t need to hire a web developer to implement the widget on your website. You have us! Our platform works with every CMS and popular eCommerce platform. Your customers are already creating the content for you. Create a UGC widget from that content now and experience great benefits for your brand and website.