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A free version of the Facebook album plugin. No hidden tricks. It is really free!
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Do I have a direct support with the PRO version?

Yes, if you have any issues or inquiries about the plugin you can contact us at any time. Our response time is usually less than 8 hours.

Can I create and manage more than one Facebook album with one plan?

Yes, the PRO version is designed to allow users to create multiple albums with different parameters. You can also have multiple versions of the same album with different settings.

Can I customize my Facebook albums and galleries?

Yes, the PRO version allows a variety of options to customize the album design.

How can I pay?

The payment is provided through a secure merchant provider (Braintree) allowing credit card payments. The billing period is on a monthly or yearly basis.

What is your refund policy?

As defined in the Terms of Service, the return policy applies only if the user requesting the return experienced significant service unavailability or service errors.

How do I remove the EmbedSocial logo from the footer?

The PRO version of the plugin does not include the EmbedSocial logo in the footer.

For more information chat with us on Facebook or send email at:

Plan comparision

Unlimited albums
Embed Facebook album (try it)
Facebook feed (demo)
Instagram albums (demo)
Twitter albums (demo)
Display albums in a Slideshow (demo)
Create Galleries from albums (demo)
Mobile friendly and responsive mode
Lightbox and Masonry layout (demo)
WordPress plugin (demo)
Developer API
Auto syncing and updateevery 6 hoursevery 15 minutes
Customize appearance, number of photos per page, photo size and order, captions and much more
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