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Social media album and gallery plugin

The EmbedAlbum tool allows users to embed their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter photo albums on their blogs or websites. There is no installation or coding required. Just choose your social media album and the platform will generate an embeddable code. If you want to remove the logo, generate a responsive album or customize, you should get the PRO version.

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Embed Facebook Album Plugin UI
Embed Facebook Reviews Plugin UI
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Facebook Reviews management platform.

EmbedReviews is a platform for managing Facebook Reviews. It allows you to generate and display Facebook reviews on any website. You can get all the Facebook reviewers and set up an autoresponder that can automatically reply to every review with a text, link or an image.

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Social media feeds plugin

EmbedFeed is a social media aggregator. . It can generate Facebook and Instagram Feeds with an option to embed an entire feed wall on any website. The tool can help you combine the feeds and display both Facebook Page and Instagram posts in one web page.

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Embed Facebook Feed Plugin UI
Facebook notifications marketing app
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Facebook Notifications Platform

The first Facebook notifications platform

Let’s disrupt the email subscriber forms and use more innovative approach to notifying subscribers. Why not use the Facebook notifications, send direct messages and gain double digit CTRs?

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8+ years of experience with development of social media tools and advance projects integrated with the social media networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. We understand the ad tech industry and quickly implement the latest trends in our products. Our unique advantage is that we are very excited to implement the newest options provided by the social networks and give to our clients the first on the market solutions.

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