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Brand awareness survey template

Brand Awareness Survey

Learn how your customers perceive your brand fast and efficiently.
facebook feed carousel template

Facebook Carousel Template

embed youtube video channel

YouTube Playlist Feed

Display Youtube playlist videos on any website.
facebook feed masonry template

Facebook Masonry Template

Showcase Facebook Page posts in a modern masonry layout
facebook feed collage template

Facebook Collage Template

Display social media feeds in a collage layout.
embed instagram hashtag feed

Instagram Hashtag Grid Template

Display an Instagram hashtag photo album in a grid layout.
facebook feed slider template

Facebook Slider Template

Showcase Facebook Page posts in an interactive slider
facebook feed wall template

Facebook Wall Template

Display Facebook posts in a wall layout
embed instagram hashtag feed

[All] Instagram Feed Templates

Show Instagram posts in stunning layouts on any website.
demo of facebook feed template

Facebook Feed Template

Display Facebook pages posts in a feed layout
instagram story bookend

Instagram Story Bookend

Display Bookend as last slide of the story with read more links
embed instagram story shop

Instagram Stories Shop

Tag Instagram Stories with product links and embed stories shop
embed Instagram story widget

[All] Instagram Stories Widgets

Your latest Instagram stories on your website
embed Instagram stories gallery

Instagram Stories Galleries

Variety of templates to display stories into a gallery formats
instagram story widget demo

Instagram Story AMP Template

Display Instagram stories in an AMP layout
embed Instagram stories gallery

Instagram Story Slider Template

what's new widget

What’s New Widget

Show a popover that opens all the latest announcements in a 'What's new feed.
custom css testimonials widget

[All] Reviews Templates

Live demos of all EmbedReviews widgets and layouts
instagram shoppable feed demo

‘Shop My Feed’ Instagram Widget

Tag Instagram photos with actual products and create shoppable feeds.
custom css facebook reviews widget

Google Reviews Slider

Display online reviews in a slider layout
embed yelp reviews

Reviews Carousel Widget

Display online reviews in a carousel layout
embed facebook and google reviews

Facebook & Google Reviews Widget

Display social media reviews in a combo feed
facebook feed carousel template

Instagram Carousel Template

Embed a responsive carousel with your Instagram photos.
embed youtube video channel

YouTube Channel Video Feed

Show Youtube videos in a responsive grid layout
lab feedback form template

Lab Satisfaction Survey Template

Create a Lab satisfaction survey and collect patients' feedback.
online academy feedback

Online Academy Feedback Form

Collect feedback and learn about your student's online class performance.
template for success story form

Success Story Questionnaire Template

Collect customer stories and write case studies that sell.
template for event feedback form

Event Feedback Form Template

Create a post-event survey and collect event attendees feedback.
template for course evaluation form

Course Evaluation Form Template

Create a course evaluation survey and collect meaningful student feedback.
template for restaurant feedback form

Restaurant Feedback Form Template

Create a restaurant feedback survey and collect your guests' feedback.
template for hotel feedback form

Hotel Feedback Form Template

Create a hotel feedback form and boost guest satisfaction.
template for testimonial form

Testimonial Form Template

Create a testimonial form and easily collect customers' feedback.
template for software evaluation

Software Evaluation Form Template

Create a software evaluation template and collect users' feedback.
online shop reviews form

Product Review Form Template

Create a product review form and collect customers' feedback.
volunteer survey red cross

Volunteer Survey Template

Create a form to collect volunteer applications
customer satisfaction survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

Learn how satisfied are your customers.
nps template form

NPS Survey Template

Measure customer satisfaction with a simple question
website feedback

Website Feedback Form Template

Improve usability and customer satisfaction with a website feedback form.
contact form for website

Contact Form Template

Create a contact form and get in touch with your customers easily and quickly.
employee feedback form

Employee Feedback Form Template

The easiest way to get honest feedback from employees
employee evaluation form

Employee Evaluation Form Template

Use our employee evaluation form template to measure your employees' performance.
leave a review web buttons

Reviews Buttons

Increase reviews collection with web buttons
custom css facebook reviews widget

Reviews Grid [Custom CSS]

This is a demo of a custom CSS applied to the Grid Template
reviews popover widget

Reviews Popup Template

Showcase reviews in floating popup layout
embed facebook and google reviews

Reviews Feed Custom CSS Style 2

This is a demo of a custom CSS applied to the Grid Template
embed testimonials page

All-In-One Reviews Page

Dedicated page to collect and show reviews from multiple sources
embed yelp reviews

[All] Yelp Reviews Templates

Embed Yelp reviews on any website in a grid, slider or list layout
custom css testimonials widget

Facebook Reviews Templates

Facebook reviews web widgets
embed google reviews widget

[All] Google Reviews Templates

Showcase your Google reviews in stunning web widgets
leave a review web buttons

Reviews Collect Form

Collect reviews on your website with an interactive form
google facebook reviews badges

Facebook and Google Rating Badges

Choose and embed Facebook or Google review badge on your website
embed google reviews widget

Reviews Grid Template

Display online reviews in a grid layout
google facebook reviews badges

Reviews Table Template

Display online reviews in a table layout.
embed yelp reviews

Reviews Column Template

Display online reviews in a column layout.
embed facebook and instagram feed

[All] Mention Feeds

Embed posts that mention your brand on Facebook or Instagram.
embed twitter feed widget

Twitter Hashtag Feed

Embed Tweets from specific hashtag.
embed twitter feed widget

Twitter Grid Template

Display Twitter posts in a grid layout
facebook feed wordpress plugin

WordPress Facebook & Instagram Feed

Display all your social media feeds on a WordPress website.
instagram shoppable feed demo

Embed Instagram & Facebook Shop

Display an entire social media shop from your Facebook and Instagram photos.
embed Instagram facebook twitter feeds

Instagram, Facebook & Twitter Feed

Social media feed that combines feeds from Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram activity.
embed instagram hashtag feed

Instagram Multiple Hashtags Feed

Instagram feed with posts generated from multiple hashtags.
embed instagram hashtag feed

Instagram Hashtag Feed

Showcase Instagram posts from a specific hashtag in a Feed layout.
embed instagram feed demo

Instagram Feed Template

Showcase Instagram posts in a Feed layout.
facebook feed slider template

Instagram Slider Template

Showcase Instagram posts in a responsive slider.
embed instagram feed demo

Instagram Mention Feed

Display Instagram posts tagged with a mention from other people
demo of facebook feed template

Facebook Feed Default Template

Display your Facebook Social Feed in a default feed layout.
embed facebook page feed

Facebook Mention Feed

Show Facebook posts that mention your brand.
facebook feed grid template

Facebook Grid Template

Display Facebook Page posts in a grid layout.
embed facebook and instagram feed sliders

Facebook Classic Slideshow

Facebook slideshow plugin displays a Facebook album from the EmbedSocial's Facebook page in a slideshow layout
embed instagram hashtag feed

Instagram user feed

Professional Instagram gallery plugin that will help you display your Instagram photo feeds on any website in seconds.
embed facebook and instagram widgets

Facebook Album Sidebar Widgets

Showcase your Facebook or Instagram photos with a simple widgets
embed facebook and instagram feed sliders

Facebook album slider

Embed a modern slider with Facebook photos on your website.
embed facebook album gallery

Facebook Albums Gallery

Showcase Facebook albums from your Facebook Page in a full gallery. You can also select Facebook albums from multiple Facebook Pages and generate a gallery.
embed facebook and instagram feed sliders

Sliders, Slideshows, Carousels

Display Facebook, Instagram and Twitter photos in beautiful layouts.
embed google my business photos

Embed Google Place photos

embed facebook masonry feed

Facebook Album Masonry

This demo showcases an example of a Facebook album with a masonry layout generated with EmbedAlbum
embed facebook masonry feed

Facebook Modern Slideshow

Embed a responsive slideshow with your Facebook page photos

Social media feeds are a great way to attract more website visitors, improve time on site and increase conversions. With them, every website looks more appealing providing more authentic content with the potential to boost users’ engagement. With EmbedFeed, you won’t need to hire a web developer to create a whole social media widget from scratch. Our team has simplified everything for you. We have developed the easiest way to create a social media feed that suits your needs and embed it on your website with only one line of code. Just take your pick from our demo widgets created in different layouts, from the most used social media platforms, and for a different purpose such as hashtag campaigns, events, products, and business mentions. We even went a few steps further and enabled various moderation options for our widgets. Connect your desired social media source such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and choose a layout, add CTA or shoppable links, edit the text and the colors or even add a custom CSS. Once you are ready, copy and paste a single line of code on your website and the widget will show immediately. Our support team is here to inspire you and help you design a great widget layout and make the embedding process, a bliss – at any time.

Stories Widgets by EmbedSocial

Instagram stories are the new visual aid for your website. They give visitors a sense of a living and breathing website and along with that way, with additional actions, you can capture their full attention and make them convert. EmbedStories enables you to reach more customers with your Instagram stories before they disappear. Creating Instagram stories widgets will enhance the visual showcase of your products with unique content, making website visitors convert to buyers. We offer a variety of display layouts and customization options that suit your website design. With EmbedSocial you will never miss saving a story because our platform automatically saves them into your account. From there you can reuse them and create a beautiful stories gallery or inline slideshow from stories. Are we missing something? Of course not! With EmbedSocial you can even recreate the same functionality of the Instagram highlights on your website with the flexibility to combine and rearrange stories per highlight. Going even further, you can make your Instagram stories shoppable adding Call to Action buttons with our moderation options. The best thing? EmbedStories has seamless integration with any web builder, CMS, and eCommerce platform.

Reviews Widgets by EmbedSocial

Customers respond to social proof. They adjust their behavior and purchase decisions on what other people are saying. It is clear that displaying reviews widgets on your website means higher trust and more revenue. With EmbedReviews the process of generating and displaying Facebook or Google reviews widgets on your website is done in just a few seconds. Embedding Google reviews on your website increases social confidence or your future customers. Explore the benefits like fetching social media reviews, embedding web collect forms, and even importing bulk reviews from any other platform. With EmbedSocial you will drive more traffic with rich snippets in organic search results and increase your overall search engine rankings. Want more action? No problem! With EmbedReviews you can collect reviews via email requests and even set an autoresponder for all of your reviews. The platform has great features curated as customer feedback software for online reviews capture and direct sync with your website. There are various layout options like grid, masonry, slider.

Facebook Albums and Galleries Widgets by EmbedSocial

Visual content tends to generate more engagement because photos are easy to consume. Adding a photo album or a whole gallery of your social media photos synced with your website saves time for doing double work and increases engagement. With EmbedAlbum you can create and embed an entire Facebook gallery, Instagram, or Twitter photo albums on any website, in a few seconds. Without the need for coding skills, you can easily do this by using one line of code. Just take care of your content and leave the else on us. EmbedSocial automatically updates every time a photo is added to your social media accounts. You can choose from the many customization options like lightbox view, responsive mode, masonry, and grid layouts. Feel free to contact our team to help you create the best gallery widget for your website! Visitors’ engagement isn’t enough for you? No worries! You can make your album widget shoppable and embed an entire shop with buy buttons for each photo displayed in your Instagram or Facebook albums. Use EmbedAlbum for multiple websites and domains, whether you are an agency or an individual business. The best thing? It works with every website builder and we even developed a WordPress plugin to make your embedding easier!