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Help your employees advance their skills with employee evaluation forms

The sound of job performance evaluation can be daunting and sometimes uncomfortable because there is always an unpleasant suspicion that employees may not have met the standards and expectations of managers and employers.

But evaluating the progress of skills is a very important task that many human resources teams need to apply to measure the overall performance and detect if employees struggle with something.

The evaluation process can help managers discover employees' strengths and weaknesses and thus use this information to advance their professional development.

The data collected through our performance review template can help managers assign correct job tasks to each of the employees. In addition to measuring competencies, the employee evaluation should give us information on the quality of work and how well the plan or project has been completed.

Our performance evaluation form is perfect for gathering such information.

We made the form to help anyone with the performance review process, whether it is a big or small business. The form includes fields that require the most basic information from employee names up to questions intended for deeper analysis of the employees' performance.

You can also customize the employee review form and add, delete or rearrange the questions.

When any type of evaluation is done, solid and precise rating systems must be established. Therefore, EmbedFroms offers a rating scale you can use when creating the evaluation form for the team members.

With our online form builder, you can share the employee evaluation form in the form of a link via email.

Our employee performance review template can quickly become part of your annual review, or it can be used as a tool for assessing the skills of new hires and understanding which employee skill needs improvement.

Moreover, all the employee performance evaluation form answers will arrive in one place in the platform from where you can monitor, analyze, and later export the form submissions in a preferred spreadsheet app.

In addition to the quantitative indicators in the performance evaluation process, you can use these forms to evaluate qualitative indicators like communication skills, teamwork skills, and problem-solving abilities.

Practical use case:

Before conducting the employee evaluation, it is important to set performance goals so that employees have confidence in the evaluation system and know what is expected of them.

Also, make sure the evaluation period is long enough to make relevant conclusions.

Performance management set up in this way can contribute to a more precise performance improvement plan, thereby improving employee skills and increasing employee satisfaction.

After running an employee evaluation form, make sure to engage in a two-way conversation where you will provide feedback, but you will also leave space for employee comments and opinions.

Here is how to get started:

Steps to create an employee feedback form:

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  2. Choose the 'Employee Evaluation Form' template
  3. Edit form fields if needed
  4. Publish the form
  5. Copy and share the form link on social media
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