Lab Satisfaction Survey Template

Create a Lab satisfaction survey and collect patients' feedback.

Your lab needs a quick feedback questionnaire

And with EmbedForms, you can create one in less than a minute.

We know how busy healthcare facilities can be and how important it is to maintain high-quality patient satisfaction.

That’s why we went ahead and created a lab satisfaction survey that can help you efficiently examine your patients’ overall satisfaction.

Learn if your clients come to your lab for the first time, how often they run routine tests, and if you’ve met their expectations with your patient services.

We made sure that our customer satisfaction survey covers multiple aspects that influence your patients’ level of satisfaction.

That’s why our form includes questions regarding the quality of your laboratory staff, physician satisfaction, turnaround time, laboratory services, and more.

Also, our satisfaction survey is suitable for different health facilities, including university hospitals or hospital laboratories.

By conducting this client satisfaction survey, your respondents can point out corrective actions that need to be taken in places you may not have been aware of.

Think about it! Your patients’ satisfaction with the laboratory may be high, but the accessibility of the lab may be the reason why they wouldn’t revisit you.

And those problems need to be resolved in a timely manner if you want to keep high satisfaction scores.

You can customize the survey with different questions and type fields like drop-down menus, Likert scale, or open-ended questions; if you want to leave space for additional comments.

That being said, you can use the form for different purposes like examining your inpatients’ satisfaction or just exploring the state with public health in general.

The patients can fill in the survey in under 3 minutes, so you can expect a high response rate.

And you can send it via Facebook or email.

The patients’ feedback is all gathered in one spot, so you can have a clear and organized overview of the results.

You can choose between 10+ professional-looking templates that suit the brand of your medical laboratory very well.

Find out if your clinical laboratory services meet your patients’ criteria.

Join us today and create your lab satisfaction survey in less than a minute!

Getting Started

Steps to create a simple contact form for your website:

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  2. Choose the Lab Satisfaction Survey template
  3. Edit form fields if needed
  4. Publish the form
  5. Copy and share the form link on social media

Need help?

Frequently asked questions

Check the FAQ about our feedback forms below and for specific questions ask our team with a click on the chat icon in the right-hand corner.

There is no limitation on the number of feedback forms you can make.  The system supports an option to create multiple forms that all have their own unique URL.
Yes. You can use the photo uploader option and include it in the form so people can upload photos when they will in the form.
Yes, you have different design and layout themes in the Settings that you can use to change the look of your forms.
Yes! The system checks for new responses and you can set up a recipient email where the notification will be sent.
At the moment the form templates include a specific theme + a list of questions that are suitable for the use case and type of data you want to collect. You can choose from:

– Net promoter score
– Company testimonial form
– Restaurant feedback form
– Event feedback form
– Hotel feedback form
– Course evaluation form
– Software evaluation form
– Fashion product review form
Yes. You can export the responses in .csv format and upload them to Google sheets or a similar spreadsheet tool for further analysis.

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