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Complete link in bio builder with .link domain for creators | Tiktokers

Create your own .link social site with custom domain for your Instagram or TikTok bio and direct followers with clickable links to product pages or blog posts.

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Integrated with TikTok and Instagram

Feedlink is now a standalone product.

What is link in bio page builder?

Looking to make it easy for followers to find more information about your product? Feedlink is here to help! It is one of the best link in bio tools that generates a clickable URL for your bio on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok social profiles. This way, you will get a custom landing page where followers can easily explore all of your important links in one place – without having to search through your posts or Instagram captions! So why wait?

Try Feedlink today and see the difference it makes.

Key benefits

More than a link. Build a complete microsite in seconds with an advanced link in bio tool.


Maintain only one page

Create only one link to your new microsite where you place unlimited links on your Tiktok and Instagram posts.

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Drive traffic to your website 

Overcome the social media limitations, and make sure all your posts link to your website.

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Make money

Convert more visitors by ensuring that all your activity on TikTok and Instagram will redirect to the landing page you want.

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Increase engagement

You can increase the engagement of your followers by providing a relevant link to essential pages they might be interested in.

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Mobile-first AMP features

The one-of-a-kind feature will load your bio page in an AMP format at a lighting speed.

Create a clickable Instagram and TikTok landing page and increase traffic instantly

Feedlink generates all your Instagram posts and gives you the option to tag each post with a custom link that leads to individual landing pages on your website. And every time you publish a new post on Instagram, it will show on the page as the latest blog post at the top of the feed, thus enhancing the user experience.


Change feed but never the link in your Instagram bio

You will never again need to edit your Instagram bio link at the top of the screen of your profile page. Change the album feed to show posts with essential links if you want to display different posts for a new marketing strategy.


Multiple links for multiple TikTok and Instagram profiles with one plan

Do you manage more than one Instagram and/or Tiktok profile? No problem. Just create your Feedlink profile and get access to make unlimited links for multiple Instagram (private or business accounts) or TikTok profiles or use the custom link option to create links for all other social media profiles. All with one account.


Profile Block
Build a fully custom ‘link in bio’ page

Display your avatar, online profile, and biography in a totally new unique way, so you can put your best foot forward and make a lasting impression. Choose from different styles Default, Classic, or Banner, and use all the customization options available to make your signature ‘link in bio’ page


Create social media newsletter automatically

An advanced feature that allows users to aggregate a newsletter with their TikTok and Instagram posts and send it every week to subscribers automatically. Plus, an in-built subscribe block allows fans to subscribe on your Feedlink page and get the newsletter each week.

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More than just a link

Whether you’re a creator, a community manager, or a full-stack agency, Feedlink unlocks all use-cases.

Auto image

Images are pre-generated from the links’ og: parameter, so you don’t need to upload them.

Fast AMP format

A unique feature that will bring your page higher in Google Search due to its fast loading speed.

Custom links

Order user stories, issues, and bugs in your product backlog with simple dragging.

Edit bio information

Use the top section to edit profile photo and write details about your bio.

Change background image

Edit the entire background with an appealing image that will make your Feedlink page unique.

Color Themes

Use the color customization options to change the theme or add custom colors

Basic Analytics

Currently, the system provides the total clicks and views on a particular Feedlink page.

Apply the same link to all photos

With just one setting you are able to overwrite all links and apply 1 link to all social media photos.

Link styles (coming soon)

Change the link style from a simple button-like design to more modern link cards.

Forever free. * No credit card required.

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Feedlink works for everyone

Join the creators who take advantage of their social media bios and Feedlink’s advanced features.





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DemoSee it in action. Feedlink demo page.

Here is how to create TikTok or Instagram bio links?

Feedlink works by generating a feed from your posts and providing you with options to tag each post with an external link. With that, you can create a clickable Instagram or TikTok homepage compiled with clickable posts to other pages on your website. Also, you can add the Feedlink in your YouTube channel bio use it in a tweet, podcast platforms, or other social networks profiles.


Connect Instagram or TikTok social profiles or start from scratch


Add custom links and links on the social media posts


Paste link in Instagram profile’s bio right above the Stories highlights

Pricing plans

Get your forever-free link in bio now. Or go PRO for more

Start with the free version and upgrade anytime.

– Approved API integrations
– Dedicated support
– Constant feature upgrades


  • 1 Page
  • No Instagram or TikTok account​
  • 1 domain first year free *
  • TikTok feed or
  • Instagram feed
  • Themes & customization
  • AMP version
  • Unlimited links
  • Branding
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  • 3 Pages
  • 3 Instagram or TikTok accounts
  • 1 .link domain included*
  • TikTok feed and
  • Instagram feed
  • Themes & customization
  • AMP version
  • Unlimited links
  • No Branding
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The domain is included in the free plan for 1 year free. After a year, renew for only $12/year.

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