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We generate
supersonic ideas with enduring Newton cradle life stream, powered by a persistent hunt for ideas of social interaction to their must execution. The real outcome is transformed into Facebook apps and Facebook marketing campaigns with an endless stubborn goal to push the brand offers to meet solely the right customer needs.
We create
new engaging strategies to help brands interact with people. Our primer focus is embracing Facebook’s social power by utilizing Facebook’s platform to build a unique experience for the users. We are experienced in social media campaigns within Facebook app development and execution of Facebook marketing campaigns.
We facilitate ...
the true love between brands and people, by utilizing our Facebook development passion and social marketing excitement. We aim to change the conventional baselines that build special bonds by fitting desires with must-haves. Let’s socialize the business core and meet the goal for lots of shares and likes.

The story of our platform

First clients
Development of the first platform for sending Facebook notifications. The first customers Studio Moderna helped build and test the product.
2016 Q1
Launch of EmbedAlbum
The first product in the EmbedSocial platform was launched with the help of the Product Hunt community that help to get the first PRO users.
2017 Q1
Instagram integration
Integration of the Instagram API and introduction of the option to embed Instagram photo albums from hashtags and usernames.
2017 Q2
Launch of EmbedFeed
Launch of the third product in the EmbedSocial platform - EmbedFeed that can display Facebook and Instagram feeds on any website.
2017 Q3
Launch of EmbedReviews
Big upgrade of the platform with EmbedReviews, with options to generate Facebook, Google and Yelp reviews and display them on any website.

Meet Our Founders

These guys are a masterpiece. We are proud to have an amazing AdTech team and happy that they have the ambition to go further, push the limits and always run extra miles for our clients.
Nikola Bojkov
Co-Founder & CEO
Dejan Dimitrovski
Co-Founder & CTO
Katerina Bojkov
Co-Founder & COO
Our platform EmbedSocial was recognised as innovative with strong growth potential by the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development by the Macedonian Government. The fund has co-financed the development of the platform and helped our team to build a scalable solution that is first of its kind.
fund for innovations and technology development
Our Customers

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