The 20 Best Link in Bio Apps to Grow on Social Media in 2024

Looking for the best link in bio tools to increase traffic and engagement? Here are the top link-in-bio tools to help you grow your business.

top link in bio apps

Link in bio apps are a great way to add more links to your social media bio and direct your followers to all of your important pages.

With so many different link in bio apps available, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top 20 link in bio apps, such as Feedlink, with feature comparison and prices.

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Continue reading and pick the best link in bio tool for your needs.

Link in bio tools raised as an alternative and a clickable version of your Instagram feed or TikTok video feed. Now the concept of using a link-in-bio page is very popular and adopted among creators, micros-influencers, and brands who want to link their social media presence and their website.

In this article, we will discuss the essential criteria to consider when selecting the ideal link in bio app and compare popular options, including Feedlink by EmbedSocial.

  1. Customizability: The app should offer a range of customization options, such as templates, colors, and fonts, to create a unique and consistent brand identity. Check some of the best Instagram bio templates to make a unique page for your brand.
  2. Ease of use: The app should be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing users to set up and manage their link in bio page quickly and easily.
  3. Analytics: The app should provide in-depth analytics to track clicks, views, and other relevant metrics to help you measure your performance and optimize your strategy.
  4. Integrations: The app should integrate seamlessly with popular social media platforms and other third-party tools, making it easy to add content and manage your link in bio page.
  5. Pricing: The app should offer a transparent pricing structure that caters to various budgets, including free and premium plans with additional features.

Here is a comparison table to help you analyze some of the best link in bio tools for instagram on the market:

Comparison table of the best link in bio tools

Here are the best free link in bio tools:

  1. Feedlink
  2. by Later
  3. Linktree
  5. Shorby

Feedlink is one of the most advance micro website builders and one of the best Linktree alternatives that allow you to add links in your bio.

It’s a link-in-bio tool that generates a clickable feed from your Instagram posts or TikTok videos, and it acts like as a new homepage for your social media activities by connecting your TikTok and Instagram accounts.

The page can be customized, add custom links, and build a fast-loading mobile microsite. You can use it to drive traffic to your website and other online profiles directly from your Instagram bio link or other social media. With its AMP format, it loads fast on mobile and is fully SEO-optimized. 


  • Built-in .link domain registration
  • Auto-display of Instagram and Tiktok feed
  • Add links to social media posts
  • Social media newsletter
  • Mobile-friendly custom page
  • Custom link in bio landing page
  • Free Instagram scheduler
  • Unique URL


  • Free
  • PRO
  • Business

2. by Later is a tool designed to help Instagram users turn their feed into a shoppable and clickable landing page.

This tool is particularly useful for businesses, influencers, and content creators who want to drive traffic from Instagram to various online destinations, such as their website, blog, or e-commerce store. enables users to add shoppable product tags to their Instagram posts and schedule and manage their Instagram posts directly within the Later platform. With clickable post links, you can increase your revenue and skyrocket your engagement rates like never before.


  • Three months of analytics of LinkinBio data.
  • Customizable URL with call-to-action
  • Measure sales and conversions directly from Google Analytics.
  • Tracking UTMs with Google Analytics
  • Scheduling options available 
  • Multiple links in one post.
  • Shopify integration


  • Extra branding is not available.
  • Post-order cannot be changed.

3. Linktree


The Linktree tool was the first link-in-bio tool developed to address the problem of Instagram users wanting to share multiple links in their Instagram bio. Using your favorite theme or even your own branding, you can direct your Instagram followers to your custom landing page. Multiple link options are available to your users, including a podcast segment, a blog post, the campaign landing page, etc. However, you can add unlimited links using the paid plan, which is not available in Linktree’s free plan.


  • User-friendly dashboard interface
  • Amazon Influencers integration.
  • Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels in-depth tracking.
  • Animations to highlight your most crucial Linktree link.


  • No e-commerce integration.
  • Instagram posts are not directly linked to it.
  • Limited customization options in the free plan.

4. is an online platform that allows users to create custom landing pages with links to their social media profiles, websites, and other online content. It is particularly useful for creators and businesses who want to consolidate all their digital presence in one place. Users can create a personalized page featuring their profile picture, background image, and color scheme and edit their profile as they need.

Also, offers analytics and tracking features, allowing users to monitor clicks and engagement with their links. Generate your Campsite bio link and successfully re-direct followers to different valuable sources in one place.


  • Customizable link for bio landing pages
  • Use it on different social media accounts
  • Analytics and tracking feature
  • Archive and restore links
  • Lock Links
  • QR Code


  • Limited designing options in the free version
  • High subscription costs on a yearly basis
  • Intended only for sharing clickable links

5. Shorby


Shorby is one of the most popular link-in bio tools out there. One of the biggest features of this tool is the ability to create optimized micro landing pages that you can use as social media links in your bio. Instead of swapping out the URL in your social media bios every time you publish a new post, you can leave the link to your Shorby landing page and have Shorby make sure you’re showing the right content.

On the Shorby landing page, you can put any content that you want to feature, for example, some pillar content. You can include messenger links to any supported messenger service, the list price or service lists, and of course, link other social media accounts.


  • Simple micro landing page builder, mobile responsive
  • Features like time countdown, animations, and catchy font
  • Links to messaging channels
  • Custom URLs
  • Tracking pixels to shorten URLs
  • Messenger links


  • No design templates
  • Limited analytics data about clicks and conversion rate

Taplink is another Instagram bio tool that helps entrepreneurs to create a high-converting landing page for 5 minutes. Taplink has numerous features to drive your sales, and you can put text, links, images, messaging apps, banners, inquiries, and even application forms. You can build a mini-website where users can place CTA elements, create forms to collect leads and add buttons that will instantly redirect and chat with the clients.


  • Pre-made templates

  • Used for lead generation

  • Connect messaging channels

  • Receive payment requests

  • Pageviews statistics


  • Limited layout and font choices

  • Confusing process for adding banners for non-tech-savvy people

7. Lnk.Bio

Lnk.Bio is another popular link in bio tool that belongs to the top 5 in the world, looking at the total number of users. Lnk.Bio will help you to connect multiple important links to one single link in your Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, WhatsApp, Naver, Line, Kakao, and all the other popular social media platforms and websites.

One of the best features is the donation option which lets your followers tip you and support your work. All donations are 100% free for your followers, and there are no additional fees and commissions taken by Lnk.Bio. You can also put music tracks and videos directly on your bio landing page, including your customizable profile picture and image backgrounds.


  • No need to install anything

  • Instagram API

  • Shortest unique link for your social media bios

  • Insert music and videos directly

  • Affordable premium plan

  • Tipping bio feature


  • No URL link shortener

  • No integration with other platforms

8. ContactInBio


As the name suggests, the ContactInBio link in the bio tool solves the problem of multiple links for Instagram bio with one link containing content like contact forms, text, payments, videos, etc. With ContactInBio, you can create a micro page with as many links as you need making it easier for your customers to contact you and drive sales thanks to the integration option with prominent payment processors. Also, you can enable your followers to reach out to you with one click thanks to the messaging feature and add your clickable link on Instagram.


  • Over 105 social links available for your landing page

  • Integration with services like Shopify, Patreon, Discord, and 43 more

  • In-depth analytics

  • Own domain

  • Create forms and receive payments

  • Email signup option

  • Instagram shoppable feed


  • Challenging blocks editing

  • Limited optimizations for a desktop version

9. Swipop

Swipop is a link-in bio tool that specifically targets the e-commerce industry, allowing businesses and e-commerce individuals to create a custom landing page to showcase their products and services. Swipop allows businesses to add product links to their landing page, making it easy for customers to browse and purchase products directly from the page.

Also, you can tag products in the Instagram feed and offer discount codes directly, which can help increase sales and send users to your online store. Thanks to Swipop. YouTubers and content creators can grow their communities and sell guides, courses, e-books, training documents, and special videos to their followers.


  • Product linking directly on the Instagram page

  • Shopping cart integration

  • Custom URL address

  • Share discount codes

  • Sell digital resources


  • Limited options in the free version

  • A few advanced themes


beacons is a three-in-one platform offering three tools for content creators and influencers, like links in bio, media kits, and invoicing services. This is the holy trinity for every business or influencer ready to grow their audience, make decent money and redirect all potential clients to the correct links.

Beacons is an easy-to-use tool where the Beacons Cortex is the main feature for tools integration and connection. It helps creators get different insights and optimize their way of making money. Apart from it, there is an interface where you can manage all tools and build a perfect workflow just from one Beacons account, which is totally free.


  • The creator plan costs $0

  • Collect emails and phone numbers

  • Available donations through the Beacons link in the bio version

  • Referral program

  • Email marketing option

  • Audience management option

  • Pricing calculator for your media kit

  • AI brand outreach


  • Google Analytics only in the Entrepreneur plan

  • 9% transaction fee

11. Milkshake


Milkshake is a link in bio tool that allows users to create a custom landing page with links to their social media profiles, websites, and other online content.

It is a popular tool among artists and designers who want to showcase their work and make it easier for their followers to find and engage with their content.

The Milkshake interface is made of cards where you can link different websites or other online resources and enable your visitors to list them like Instagram stories. You can also put your latest blog post, YouTube videos, or Instagram post and personalize them with the Milkshake text feature. You can quickly get in-depth insights on your daily or monthly clicks and views on the Milkshake cards the same way as Instagram story analytics.


  • Easily customizable templates

  • Option to link your portfolio of designs

  • Integration with different social media accounts

  • Fully mobile optimization

  • Card-based interface

  • Create multiple accounts for all your Instagram profiles


  • Milkshake trademark in the free version

  • Frequent errors and crashes

12. Hopp by Wix

Hopp link in bio app by Wix

Hopp by Wix is a new link in bio tool that helps creators and influencers boost their reach and communication with their followers. It includes a number of features that make it stand out from another link in bio tools, including:

  • A customizable search engine that allows followers to easily find the information they’re looking for
  • The ability to create searchable codes for products, partnerships, events, and more
  • A top-level editing experience that allows creators to design a link in bio page that matches their brand
  • A variety of widgets and customizations to help promote anything
  • A free plan that includes all of the basic features

In addition to its link in bio tool, Hopp also offers a branded URL shortener, a mini landing page builder, and a pre-roll tool. These tools can be used to create a more comprehensive and engaging online presence for creators and influencers.

Overall, Hopp by Wix is a powerful tool that can help creators and influencers reach their target audience and grow their businesses.

Pros of Hopp by Wix:

  • Customizable search engine
  • Searchable codes
  • Top-level editing experience
  • Variety of widgets and customizations
  • Free plan
  • Branded URL shortener
  • Mini landing page builder
  • Pre-roll tool

Cons of Hopp by Wix:

  • Some features are only available on the paid plans
  • The interface can be a bit overwhelming for first-time users
  • There is no mobile app

Overall, Hopp by Wix is a great tool for creators and influencers who want to improve their online presence and reach their target audience. It offers a variety of features and customization options that can be used to create a more engaging and effective online experience.

13. Linkify


Linkify is an online platform that allows you to have all of your most important links in one place, easily accessible to your fans, customers, or clients.

You can use this link from your personal account to share on your Instagram bio or other digital and social media platforms.

Linkify is also a great solution for printed elements. You can generate QR codes with your product and get that perfect mobile-friendly, contactless solution. Make your business a safe place by deploying a touch-free digital menu or unique brochure.


  • Customizable link

  • Custom images

  • Drive more traffic to your business website

  • Background of your choice

  • You can optimize your profile page

  • Up to 5+ custom links

  • One dedicated Linkify agent


  • Complex for non-tech-savvy users

  • Limited integration options

14. Jotform Apps

jotform apps

Jotform Apps is a link-in-bio tool that lets you create a custom app where you can include multiple links.

Thanks to this, you are available to give your visitors multiple options from a single link. You can use the page customization feature to customize the page to your liking, including changing the logo, colors, font, and layout.

Another interesting feature is the easy-to-use editor. With this option, you can add and change elements, easily build your link-in-bio mobile app, and run it everywhere.

The core Jotform features are available in the free Starter plan, while some advanced features are available only in the paid version.


  • No-code mobile app

  • Share your link in the bio app via the QR code

  • 300+ templates

  • Online store builder

  • Run on mobile, desktop, and tablet

  • Bundle your forms

  • Create company portals


  • Four premium plans with high costs

  • Low storage space in the free plan

15. is a multi-link in bio solution focused on block design with custom URLs.

This approach of design is actually the main feature of this tool, where the user can choose from various blocks (social media profiles, About section, etc.) and build a custom landing page. You can also reorder content by dragging blocks up and down and making a perfect position for them.

Please note that provides your visitors with instant actions.

You can add different buttons to enable visitors to instantly get in chat with you or join various groups on social media for communication. Creating an account is totally free, but some options are still available in the paid plan, like billing, mentions, contact forms, etc.


  • Add email forms, GIFs, and other social links

  • Drag-and-drop editor to edit profile page easily

  • Tools that boost your engagement rates

  • Build a personal Instagram bio link in a minute

  • Share links like Spotify songs, quizzes, polls, tweets, etc.

  • Put your bio on autopilot


  • No clear information about the pricing


EverLink is another recognizable link in bio tool known as one of the top Linktree alternatives out there.

This tool uses the same approach of providing one link where you can include a bunch of other links for your audience. One of the greatest features is the video incorporation. You can add a video by pasting a YouTube or Vimeo link for your potential audience.

Also, please check the link scheduling option.

Plan and schedule your links when to be displayed in your custom link in the bio page and when to disappear. The number of links you can use is unlimited, opening endless opportunities for displaying valuable resources. Embed what you want in your bio link and create a unique experience for your followers.


  • Unlimited links

  • Link scheduling option

  • Share streaming links with your audience

  • Create vcard links and file links

  • Create QR codes

  • Built-in analytics

  • Tracking pixels for 10+ social media platforms


  • Limited customization in the free plan

  • No custom domains

17. ShortStack


ShortStack is more than just a micro site-building tool that you can use in your Instagram bio.

Using this tool, you can use the option to create online contests and hashtag giveaways that will be so helpful for boosting your engagement rates and growing your audience.

Contests are the main feature of ShortStackwhere you can open hashtag and comment-based contests. It allows you to collect entries before announcing winners and sending them an award.

Also, feel free to create different quizzes, puzzles, virtual slot machines, and similar creatively and take care of the lead generation process through social media bios.

You can share unique discount codes with your followers and collect their personal info for business purposes.


  • Create interesting contests

  • Link in bio hashtag giveaways

  • A useful way to do lead generation

  • Share discount codes

  • 65+ templates

  • Data collection with highly-customizable forms

  • Instant win games and quizzes


  • Some features are hard to find

  • Complex to learn for non-tech-savvy people

18. LinkPilot


LinkPilot is an easy-to-use link in bio tool for building micro landing pages for social media platforms.

You can easily manage all your content in one place with another link you can generate through LinkPilot.

You can share important links and videos and create different bio sites from one account.

It’s so easy for everyone to create and share clickable URLs, so you can focus on creating and never worry if your followers will miss out.


  • Advanced tracking

  • Visitors retargeting

  • Scheduled links

  • Custom bio pages

  • Integrate with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics


  • Limited analytics in the free version

  • No pre-made templates

19. LinkStack


As a link in bio tool for different social media platforms, LinkStack offers a free and easy way to centralize all your online connections in one place.

You can create a personalized link page with links to your social media, personal website, and more. It is named one of the best Linktree alternatives where you can include the donation feature, GitHub account, etc.


  • Easy to set-up

  • Highly customizable

  • Linktree-like interface

  • Simple to edit and add your links

  • A self-hosted and open-source platform

  • Single and Multiple users mode

  • Built-in SMTP

  • No database management required


  • No deep analytics

  • Integration complexity

20. Snipfeed


Snipfeed is a bio link tool that encourages its users to monetize their social feeds regardless of the social media platform.

You can make your link a place to convert your followers into customers.

The most exciting feature here is the option to earn money through different Q&As, receiving tips from your followers, and similar ways to collect payments.

Also, all layouts, colors, and fonts can be changed, or to make things easier, you can use a premade template for your custom landing page. Use Snipfeed as a subscription platform where you can create exclusive links and offers that are available only to special audiences.


  • Link in bio tool for monetization

  • Host Q&As to earn money

  • Donations option

  • Share exclusive content with subscribers

  • Custom-branded landing page

  • Manage all payments in a single place

  • Livestrams option


  • High transaction fees

  • Limited payment options in the free plan

1. Integration Capabilities

Social Media Platforms

Link in bio tools should have seamless integration with popular social media platforms, allowing you to incorporate content from these channels effortlessly.

E-commerce and Online Store Integrations

The ability to link directly to product pages or integrate with online stores can enhance your sales process and customer experience.

Email Marketing and CRM Integrations

Integrations with email marketing tools and CRM platforms can help streamline your marketing efforts and improve customer relationship management.

2. Analytics and Tracking

In-app Analytics Features

Look for an app that provides in-depth, built-in analytics to measure your performance and optimize your strategy.

Google Analytics Integration

Integration with Google Analytics allows you to leverage its extensive features for tracking user behavior and conversions.

UTM Tracking

UTM tracking helps you understand the source of your traffic and measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Customization and Branding

Themes and Templates

An array of themes and templates allows you to create a link in bio page that reflects your brand identity.

Custom Domains and URLs

The ability to use custom domains and URLs can improve brand consistency and recognition.

Branding Options

Look for an app that provides extensive branding options, such as custom colors, fonts, and logos.

Security and Privacy Features

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates ensure the link in bio page is secure, instilling trust in your visitors.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR compliance protects user data and avoids potential legal issues.

Data Privacy Policies

An app with a clear data privacy policy ensures that your user data is handled responsibly and securely.

Conclusion: How to Choose the Right App for Your Needs

Link in bio tools are one of the best Instagram apps for creators to help increase traffic and engagement.

As conclusion, here are some tips on how to choose the right link in bio app for your needs:

  1. Consider your budget. There are a variety of link in bio apps available, from free to paid. Choose an app that fits your budget and needs.
  2. Think about your goals. What do you want to achieve with your link in bio? Do you want to drive traffic to your website? Generate leads? Increase brand awareness? Choose an app that can help you achieve your goals.
  3. Consider your audience. Who are you trying to reach with your link in bio? Choose an app that has a design and features that will appeal to your audience.
  4. Read reviews. Before you choose a link in bio app, read reviews from other users. This will give you a good idea of the app’s pros and cons.
  5. Try out a few different apps. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, try out a few different apps to see which one you like best.

FYI: Feedlink Link in BIo tool helps small business owners and UGC creators consolidate all their tools in one platform and save tons of time and money to build link-in-bio pages, publish blogs, newsletters and social media posts.


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Frequently asked questions

What does link in bio mean?

Link in bio is a term used to describe the link that is included in a social media bio. This link can be used to direct followers to other websites, pages, or apps.

What is a link in bio page?

A link in bio page is a landing page that is created using a link in bio tool. This page can be used to direct followers to other websites, pages, or apps.

How do link in bio apps work?

Link in bio apps work by creating a landing page that is linked to your social media bio. This page can be used to direct followers to other websites, pages, or apps.

How to add a link in bio to your Instagram profile?

To add a link in bio to your Instagram profile, follow these steps:
1. Open the Instagram app and go to your profile.
2. Tap the Edit Profile button.
3. In the Website field, enter the URL of the website you want to link to.
4. Tap Save.

How to put a link in your TikTok bio?

To put a link in your TikTok bio, follow these steps:
1. Open the TikTok app and go to your profile.
2. Tap the Edit Profile button.
3. In the Website field, enter the URL of the website you want to link to.
4. Tap Save.

You can also check the steps to add link in bio on TikTok >

Why should I use link in bio tools?

There are many reasons why you should use link in bio tools. Here are a few:

1. You can add multiple links to your bio.
2. You can customize the look and feel of your bio.
3. You can track your link clicks and conversions.
4. You can integrate your link in bio with other social media platforms.

How to add multiple links to your link in bio

There are a few different ways to add multiple links to your link in bio. One way is to use a link in bio tool. Another way is to use the latest option to add multiple links in Instagram bio.

Am I using my Instagram link in bio to its full advantage?

To answer this question, the best is to track the performance on your page.
The best link in bio tools for instagram provide the analytics option where you can find details about the clicks per each link and also the views on your page – insights that will help you to understand if you are using the potential of your link in bio.

Are there any completely free link in bio apps?

Yes, there are a number of completely free link in bio apps available. Some of the most popular include:

1. Feedlink
3. Linktree
4. TapBio
5. Shorby

How to use the Instagram link in bio effectively

Here are a few tips on how to use the Instagram link in bio effectively:

– Make sure the link you include is relevant to your audience.
– Use a clear and concise call to action.
– Track your link clicks and conversions.
– Experiment with different link in bio tools and strategies.

What are the best free link in bio tools?

There are a number of free link in bio tools available. Some of the most popular include:

1. Feedlink
2. Linktree
4. Hopp by Wix

What is the best way to promote my Link in Bio page?

There are a number of ways to promote your link in bio page. Here are a few tips:

– Add a link to your social media bios.
– Share your link in bio page on your social media channels.
– Add your link in bio page to your email signature.
– Promote your link in bio page on your website.
– Run ads to promote your link in bio page.

Can I use multiple link in bio apps at once?

Yes, you can use multiple link in bio apps at once. However, you should only use one app as your primary link in bio. This is because each app will have its own unique design and features.

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