Display Facebook, Instagram & Twitter
Albums on Your Website with EmbedAlbum

The EmbedAlbum plugin creates a web gallery
with your social media photos

created albums for the past year

Free versionGet 14 days free trial

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Free Facebook Album Plugin

If you frequently need to sync all your Facebook photos with your website content this plugin is perfect for you.
The Facebook album plugin allows you to easily create a web gallery from a Facebook album. 
Learn more about the free version of the Facebook Album plugin or if you need a responsive mode, Instagram and Twitter albums or slideshow layout, check out the PRO version features!

New! EmbedAlbum Plugin PRO Version

Do you want a ‘logo free’ album? A slideshow layout?
And some cool features to re-order by date, manage number of photos per page,
remove the album title, generate a responsive album code and create UNLIMITED albums?
Learn moreStart a 14 days free trial

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