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Boost Instagram stories in a few clicks

A unique feature that will help you create Instagram Story Ads fast and easy.

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Instagram story ads
create story ad feature

One pager, story ads creator

No need to understand the entire Facebook Ad Manager. Use the simple options provided by EmbedSocial and boost a story in just few steps.
Story Archive
We save all your stories not just the active one, so you can create ads from your previous story collateral.
Optimised targeting
The system will target the audience that is similar to your Instagram and Facebook fans.
No additional charge
The EmbedSocial system does not charge any additional fees on top of your ads budget.

Create an ad in 3 clicks

Simple, one-pager, few steps, and your ad will be live in no time
  • Choose a story for your ad

    Go to 'All stories' and click Boost next to the story you want to promote

  • Add destination link & budget

    Enter the URL of the story ad and apply the full budget for your story (We don't charge additional %.) .

  • Add more stories (advanced)

    You can add more stories from the isntagram account and create a longer ad with multiple stories combined in this ad

boost instagram story step 1

Increase the exposure of your Instagram stories now

7 days free trial · Easy setup · Cancel any time