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aggregated rating google stars
How it works

Steps to improve SEO with a Google review snippet

  • 1. Copy schema code

    Go to your product reviews widget and copy the provided snippet in the Schema tab.

  • 2. Paste schema in product page

    Embed the code in your website product pages where you have displayed the reviews widget.

  • 3. Submit URL for re-crawl

    Go to your Google console and submit the website URL in the Isnpect tool for a new recrawl.

  • 4. Get reviews stars in Google

    Once Google re-index your website, the reviews stars will appear in the Google search results of your product page.

copy google snippet reviews code
embed reviews snippet in website
inspect url in google search console
reviews stars in google search
auto sync seo snippet

Automatic snippet updates

Use just one simple script to make sure your reviews snippet updates the latest reviews about your product average rating that shows in Google search results
WordPress Shortcode
Use a simple shortcode to embed the schema within your WordPress product pages.
Advanced schema
Use additional parameters to create a more advanced schema code for your product pages.
Get a different schema code for different source and filter revies per product tag or other settings.
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