Control what shows in your social wall

Auto-sync your social wall or make sure you handpick the best UGC for your website.
hashtag feed moderation
hashtag wall curation
advance feed moderation

Manually handpick the social media content for your website.

EmbedFeed provides a separate tab for your Selected posts so you will know exactly which posts are published in your feed.

Switch ON the auto-sync option

If you want to have fresh content in your feed and feel confident to be published on your website, you save time moderating by just turning on one option that will always sync your latest social media posts with your website.
auto sync social posts with website
Pin posts (new)
Make the best post in your feed appear as the first post in the widget.
Filter by keywords
Showcase only the posts that contain certain keywords.
Set start date
Only show the posts after this date. Great for date-specific campaigns.
Show caption
Choose to display or not the post caption in the feed. You can activate a full-length caption feature, too.
Order by date
Choose to show the newest or the oldest post first in the feed.
Handpick post sources
Choose your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any hashtag you have in the platform as sources for the posts in your feed.
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