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Current Job Openings

Junior Backend PHP Developer

If the first thought you have when you hear “Symphony” is not about Mozart or Beethoven, but that we have a typo, and it should be “Symfony”, you are in the right place.
Previous Job Openings

Junior Frontend Developer

We are actively looking for new team members who will join the Frontend team to create great new features for our users.

Content Creator

The EmbedSocial team is actively looking for new team members with content marketing experience and who are heavily involved in the Instagram community.

QA Analyst

Our Product team is expanding and needs help to make sure all features work as expected and we hope our new QA analyst will make sure of it.

Social Media & Content Manager

The EmbedSocial team is actively looking for a person who has a content marketing experience and is heavily involved in the Instagram community.

Customer Success Manager

The EmbedSocial team is actively looking for a person to manage all our interactions with our customer base.

DevOps Engineer

The EmbedSoicial platform is rapidly growing and we need help to scale our technology and make sure it runs smoothly for our large user-base.

Senior UI/UX Designers

The EmbedSoicial platform is rapidly growing and we need help to create extraordinary widgets for our users

PHP Developers

The EmbedSoicial platform is rapidly growing and we are expanding the developers' team for 3 new PHP developers that will help us build more for our tens of thousands of users.

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Flexible Office Hours
Feel free to organize your working hours as you please. Do your morning exercise, take time to see with an old friend. No security cards, fingerprints, nor eye scans are needed to enter our offices. We trust your skills and respect your lifestyle.
Upgrade Budget
We are offering you a yearly 'Upgrade Budget', that you can spend on any conference you want to attend, any book or course you want to buy for upgrading your skills.
Remote Work
Want to go surfing for a month? That's awesome. We believe that your dream job will never need to feel like a job at all. So, we want you to have your dream job at EmbedSocial. Just make sure you have Wi-Fi on your remote island 😉
Private Health Insurance
Every EmbedSocial team member gets yearly Health insurance with a premium plan. We care deeply for our people and want to ensure they get the best care if ever needed.
Nikola Bojkov

I am Nikola Bojkov, CEO of EmbedSocial, and I want to ask you to feel free to chat directly with me for any questions about our company.

Park Residence

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Your work is used by tens of thousands of users worldwide. And some of these huge dudes are using our platform. Pretty cool, right?!
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Backed by World-class Professionals

Well, we are really, seriously, serious business, with trust and support by institutions, European entrepreneurs and some of the biggest platforms
fund for innovations and technology development


Recognized as innovative with strong growth potential and co-financed by the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development by the Macedonian Government.


Member of the exclusive Paris-based TheFamily, an organization of the best European entrepreneurs and startups, who help us scale the platform, implement world-class standards and build a globally recognized product.
EmbedSocial office


We are a fast-growing startup with offices in Macedonia, Bulgaria, and recently expanding in Japan.