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The easiest way to display Instagram Stories on your Shopify store, on autopilot.
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About EmbedStories

EmbedStories helps you generate your latest Instagram stories and automatically displays them on your Shopify store in a form of an engaging widget your online customers can’t resist.

Replicate the familiar Story experience on your Shopify homepage store or an inner page, add a checkout link to each of the products displayed in the Story to provide a smooth shopping experience, and encourage potential sales. No coding skills are required.

Try a combination of your Instagram, TikTok, or any media in a Story format and embed them on your online store to attract customers and drive more sales.

Our Story widgets are completely customizable, interactive, and fully mobile responsive, so they can fit any Shopify design and help you create a unique shopping experience that will make your store stand out, effortlessly!

Benefits for Shopify websites

  • Display your products in a stunning Story widget
  • Entertain your visitors with a familiar Story format
  • Boost your conversions with shoppable Story widgets
  • Get lower bounce rates and more time spent on your store
  • Grow your Instagram followers base

Instagram stories features for Shopify

  • Mobile-responsive and fully customizable widget designs that fit every Shopify theme
  • Custom CSS option for complete control over the widget look
  • Shoppable CTA buttons on every Story
  • Media reordering and handpick the desired Stories you want to be published
  • Combine multiple Stories from several sources into a Gallery format
  • Transform stories into the fast-loading AMP story format
  • Bookends to add related links at the end of your widget
  • Highlights widget that replicates the Highlights functionality
  • Display your latest Instagram Stories in the widget, automatically
  • Option to create unlimited Story widgets with a variety of layouts
  • Convert Stories to Instagram Story Ads
  • Advanced reports to track your progress

How to embed Instagram stories in Shopify

EmbedStories helps you display the perfect widget for your Shopify store in just a few clicks.

All you need to do is craft your desired widget and select the page where you want the Instagram widget to be shown – on an inner page or on your Shopify home page.

To get started, follow the steps below:

Option 1: Add Instagram Stories in a Shopify inner page

  1. Start free trial for EmbedStories and connect your Instagram account
  2. Customize and modify the story widget
  3. Copy the provided HTML code located in the top right corner
  4. Log in to your Shopify account, choose ‘Online Stores’ and click ‘Pages’
  5. Click to ‘Add Page’, and in the editor click the ‘Show Html’ icon
  6. In the html editor, paste the generated code from EmbedStories

Option 2: Add Instagram Stories on your Shopify homepage

For this option follow the first 3 steps as above, where you create an EmbedStories account and copy the provide widget code. Once you do that, and want to embed the code in your Shopify page, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Shopify account and choose ‘Online Stores’
  2. Select ‘Pages’ and click ‘Customize’
  3. In the edit view, click to ‘Add section’ and select the ‘Custom section’
  4. Click to ‘Add Content’ and click ‘Custom HTML’
  5. Paste the code in the HTML field and tap to ‘Save’ it

If you need any additional help or guidance through this process, feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer service team and we will be happy to help you create a superb experience for your Shopify customers.

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