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The easiest way to display Instagram Stories on your PageCloud website.
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About EmbedStories

EmbedStories is a powerful tool that can automatically generate the Instagram Stories published on your Instagram account and show them in a modern and visually appealing Story widget.

Additionaly EmbedStories provide options to upload custom photos or videos and create a combination of Instagram, TikTok or any other story format in embeddable widgets.

Benefits for PageCloud websites

  • Re-use and save time of already published stories, automatically 
  • Increase engagement on your website
  • Showcase products in a more visually rich format
  • Sell more with shoppable Story widgets
  • Opportunity to increase Instagram followers

Instagram stories features for PageCloud

  • Options to import custom photos and videos
  • Customizable and interactive layouts and widget designs
  • Custom CSS editor
  • Shoppable Instagram Stories
  • Instagram highlights-like widget
  • Gallery format from multiple Stories
  • Bookends
  • Instagram Story Ads

How to embed Instagram stories in PageCloud

There is no installation required to use the EmbedStories platform in PageCloud.
To get started, follow the steps below to create and display the Instagram Story widget on PageCloud:

  1. Start free trial for EmbedStories and connect your Instagram account
  2. Go to Widgets and create new story widget
  3. Customize and select the stories you want to appear in the widget
  4. Copy the provided code in the top-right corner
  5. Log in to your PageCloud account
  6. Choose the page where you want the widget to be displayed
  7. In the edit view of your page, choose ‘Apps’ from the menu
  8. Pick the ‘Embed’ option, paste the widget code here and click ‘OK’


Plans start at $29/month and are based on the number of sources.

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