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About EmbedStories

EmbedStories is the first platform in the world with the functionality to generate Instagram stories and display them in web-based apps like WordPress. This all-in-one tool helps you display your Instagram stories automatically on your WordPress website using a shortcode or a WordPress plugin.

Replicate the familiar Story experience to your WordPress website by generating and displaying modern and interactive Instagram Story widgets that your visitors can’t take their eyes off.

Our Story widgets are made fully customizable, so the complete control of the widget look and feel it’s up to you and your creativity.

As Stories are becoming the best way to engage and connect with your followers, EmbedStories is a must tool to level up your marketing and sales game in a blink.

Try a combination of your Instagram, TikTok, or any media in a Story format and embed them on your online store to attract customers and drive more sales.

You can use the same plugin for the PRO version or the FREE version. The setup is simple and easy and you will just need to activate the WordPress plugin and use the shortcodes from your EmbedStories admin.

The Story widgets are completely customizable, interactive, and fully mobile responsive, so they can fit any Shopify design and help you create a unique shopping experience that will make your store stand out, effortlessly!

Benefits for WordPress websites

  • Make your website informative and visually appealing
  • Boost user engagement and time spent on site
  • Show your products and services with a familiar and appealing Story format
  • Drive more sales with shoppable Story widgets
  • Promote your Instagram profile and grows your followers base

Instagram stories features for WordPress

  • Mobile responsive widget designs that match every WordPress template
  • A diverse set of fully customizable layouts and widget designs
  • Option to apply a Custom CSS code for complete control of the widget appearance
  • Drag and drop media reordering and handpick for the Stories you want to be published
  • Option to add CTA button on every story
  • Bookends to provide related links to the end of your story
  • Option to create a Highlights-like widget, that will replicate the Highlights functionality
  • Automatically display the latest Stories from your Instagram account in your widget
  • Option to create unlimited Story widgets with a variety of layouts
  • Combine multiple Stories into a Gallery format
  • Transform Stories to Instagram Story Ads
  • Advanced reports to track your performance

How to embed Instagram stories in WordPress

We offer you 2 easy ways to display your Instagram Stories on your WordPress website:

  • With JavaScript (without a plugin)
  • With a WordPress plugin

Scroll down to see what is what fits your needs best.

Option 1: Embed Instagram Stories on WordPress without a plugin

Displaying your Instagram Stories on your WordPress website can be done in just a few clicks.

To start, just follow the steps below:

  1. Start a free trial for EmbedStories and connect your Instagram account
  2. Choose the Instagram account from where you want to generate stories
  3. Modify and customize your Instagram Story widget
  4. Once done, copy the provided HTML code in the upper right corner
  5. Login to your WordPress website and open the page where you want to show the story widget
  6. Add a 'Custom HTML' block and paste the widget code here
  7. Click ‘Update’

Option 2: Embed Instagram Stories with an Instagram WordPress plugin

You can find our EmbedStories – Instagram stories plugin in the WordPress directory. Please note that
you can use the same plugin for the FREE and the PRO version.

The setup is really simple. No coding skills are required.

Just follow the steps below to install and activate our WordPress Instagram plugin for Stories:

  1. Log in to your WordPress account, navigate to ‘Plugins’ and click to ‘Add new’
  2. In the search field type EmbedStories and then click ‘Install now’ and ‘Activate’
  3. Create an account in EmbedStories platform and connect your Instagram profile
  4. Choose the Instagram account you want to generate stories from, and click ‘Create widget' 
  5. Customize the widget and copy the top right shortcode
  6. Go back to your WordPress account and paste the shortcode on the page where you want your widget to appear

If you need any additional instructions, feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer service team and we will be happy to guide you through.


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