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Did you know that visitors spend 88% more time on a website if it has a video?

Higher CTRs, improved average order value, higher conversion rate, and revenue are some of the benefits that will help you level up your video marketing experience on your website and enhance your mobile version, too.

EmbedStories tool is here to land you a hand with this!

If you are looking for an easy way to show Video Stories on your website that will engage your visitors on mobile and desktop, take EmbedStories for a spin!

Whether you are a marketing agency, business owner, or an individual, you can easily make a Video Story widget that will help you be on top of the game.

Upload your own video clips or re-use your Instagram, YouTube or Vimeo videos to create a unique experience for your potential customers.

video stories widget

The benefits of showing Video Stories on your website

  • Establishes a strong brand personality
  • Promotes your latest products or services in a familiar Instagram-like format
  • Encourages conversion when using shoppable Video Stories
  • Creates an engaging user experience with a longer average time on page
  • No coding skills required for creating a modern video widget

Embed Video Stories in a variety of layouts

5+ custom layouts at your disposal to effectively structure and categorize your video content, providing the best journey for your users.

Check out our latest AMP layout, or play around with Lightbox, Slider, Popup, Column formats.

All the layouts are fully customizable, so you just need to make sure to find the one that fits your branding and adjust them to your website colors and design.

Custom CSS editor for your Video Story widget

And that’s not all.

We made our platform so flexible that now you can have a greater control over the layout with the Custom CSS option.

So, anyone with basic CSS knowledge can easily use the editor to craft a custom Video Story widget.

How to upload and embed Video Stories on your website?

Follow these 4 easy steps to create your Video Stories widget:

  1. Start your free trial for EmbedStories
  2. Upload (or drag and drop) the videos you want to be displayed on your website (please consider the required format before uploading it)
  3. Select a layout, moderate the widget and add CTA buttons
  4. Copy and paste the code on your website builder to display your Video Story widget

Create multiple Video Story widgets for every website you have

No matter the industry you are in, adding videos to your homepage describes your character and demonstrates your values to your target audience.

In this age of fighting for prominence among competitors, you can’t stand out from the crowd if you are not embracing your brand uniqueness.

EmbedStories tool helps you show your individuality and improve your visibility on any website you may have.

And especially if you are an agency that works with multiple clients, you can use the same account and create multiple widgets for multiple domains.

How to embed Video Stories for WordPress?

With EmbedStories, you can effortlessly combine several Video Stories into one widget and embed it into your WordPress website.

It will take you less than a minute to copy and paste the provided code into the HTML section where you want the widget to be displayed.

Download EmbedStories plugin for WordPress.

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