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Display your Instagram Reels in authentic web widgets

Extend the reach of your Instagram Reels on your website.

Save time to create video content for your website

Create a live Instagram Reels video gallery that auto-updates and provides fresh content on your website, automatically.

Sell more with authenticity and interaction

Provide authentic content that creates interaction with web visitors, boosts engagement, and leads to more conversions.

Expand reach to increase Instagram followers

Add a ‘Follow us’ button inline or in the popup of the Instagram widget and navigate the web visitors to your Instagram account.

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Control which Instagram Reels are published

As a website owner, it’s essential to control what content is displayed on your site. Fortunately, with our filtering options, you can easily tweak the Reels widget to show only the videos you want. For example, you can use keywords to ONLY show Reels that contain specific keywords. Or, you can choose ONLY to show the newest posts. Additionally, you can manage the first page of the widget by adding priority to specific Reels or pinning Reels that you think should always be first. Ultimately, our moderation team is always available to help if you need assistance.


Social commerce
Build an Instagram Reels shop on your website

Add ‘Buy’ buttons on your Reels or user-generated content Reels that you pull with a hashtag. Tag each video with multiple links on the areas where you showcase your products that will redirect to the checkout pages on your website. Once done tagging, embed the feed as a shoppable Instagram Reels widget on your website.


Multiple sources
Embed Instagram Reels from hashtags, mentions, or your own Instagram account

Manually saving Instagram Reels can be time-consuming and challenging to keep up with. Fortunately, our platform offers direct integration with the Instagram API. This means we can automatically generate Reels and display them in a web widget. The widget includes Reels from your own account or Reels that other people post by using a specified hashtag. This is an effective way to stay connected with your audience and ensure that you regularly share fresh content on your website..

all widgets & features included

More than a widget. All-in-one social media aggregator


Multiple sources

All social media sources are included in every paid plan such as Twitter and Facebook widgets.



Sync all social media posts automatically and create an entire widget that you can embed on any website.


Unlimited widgets

Create multiple widgets and embed feeds on various websites from multiple social media platforms.


Follow button

Show a Follow button with a link to your Instagram account to help you drive traffic and increase followers.



Use the 10+ languages available in the platform to localize the widget for your web visitors.


Filters & Tags

Categorize the Instagram posts by tags and organize them by date, rating, or filter by keyword.


Analytics & Reports

Insights on which posts get the most views and clicks on your website. Available for Premium plans



Configure the title, padding, or image size, edit the widget title, size, and color, or use custom CSS.


Add custom posts

Adding custom posts allows you to enrich your walls with engaging and unique content easily.

All features included. * No contracts.

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Works with 99.9% of the popular CMS platforms and web builders

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How to embed Instagram Reels widget?

Follow these steps to start collecting Instagram Reels and embed them on your website.


Create an EmbedSocial account


Connect Instagram profile that has Reels


Customize and embed Instagram Reels widget

Let social proof drive your sales. Try today!

Unlock EmbedFeed PRO features.


Start with the basic plan, and upgrade as your business grows.

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Offical API integrations

EmbedSocial has official API integrations with all major social media networks.


Fast-loading widgets

We design interactive social media widgets that load fast on your website.


Cancel anytime

If it’s not for you, just cancel, with no hidden costs or fees.


Dedicated support

Just click the bottom left chat icon, and our team will assist you in real-time.

What our users are saying:


TrovaTrip increased booking conversion rates by 12% with customer testimonials in just 4 weeks

Nick Poggi

The team at Embed Social is so easy to work with. They are very quick to respond to any special requests and fast to implement account changes. Aside from the great customer service, their products are also very easy to use and offer a lot of freedom that you can’t get with other similar products. Definitely recommend.

Ryan Hazlewood

EmbedSocial allows us to showcase social media content on our web pages in a way that’s both functional and vibrant. Their library of social feed designs integrates seamlessly with our existing components and is easy to use for page editors of all skill levels.

Zanna Ollove
Boston College

The experience with EmbedSocial has been amazing. We’re always looking for ways to leverage our time, so finding a product to keep our reviews fresh automatically was a no-brainer.

Brooks Hitzfield
Seven Sons

It has been pretty simple to display social proof with EmbedReviews, and their team has been great in assisting with technical implementation.

Eric Hnatov

We are spending half of what we previously did for our last review manager, and getting 100x more out of it! I honestly am amazed at what we are getting for the price. I wish we had switched to EmbedReviews years ago.

Kodi Duncan
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FAQs about the Instagram Reels widget

Have a specific question about embedding Instagram Reels? Check the FAQ section below or click the bottom right chat icon and talk with us.

To get started, sign up for a free trial and follow the steps below:

1. Connect your social media accounts
2. Customize and moderate your feed
3.Copy & paste the embed code into your website
Yes, you can handpick which photos show in your feed published on your website. The moderation options are various, which means you can filter only posts posted after specific dates or posts that include certain words.
Yes, the system supports multiple social platforms to connect to the same account and generate feeds. Check our pricing plans and choose which plan suits the number of pages and accounts you have.
Yes! EmbedSocial provides options to add custom ‘Buy’ buttons in the feed posts that, when clicked, can navigate the web visitors to the checkout page where they can buy the selected product.
Yes, you can turn off or on to do social media aggregation automatically.
You can enable Google Analytics tracking of the feed with entering the Google Analytics ID shown like this example: UA-XXXXXX-YY
Yes, you can use multiple templates or a custom CSS editor to make your social media feed s to fit your brand and website design.

Additionally, you can enable localization options to make sure it fits your language.

mbedFeed currently supports English, German and Japanese language. With this, you change the language of your feed
Yes! EmbedFeed is GDPR-compliant and complies with each social media network policy from where you generate and curate content.
EmbedSocial integrates and works with all major content management platforms and web builders, such as WordPress, Squarespace, PageCloud, Joomla, Wix, Weebly, Shopify, Magento, Open Cart. It works with all platforms that provide an option to embed third-party iframes or javascript codes.
Yes, the widget will stop showing on your website, but you can come back and activate your account at any time.