Social Media Feed Widgets for Websites

Display user-generated content on your website by embedding social media feed widget to build social proof & increase conversions

Social Media Feed Widgets by EmbedSocial

Social media feeds are a great way to attract more website visitors, improve time on site and increase conversions. With them, every website looks more appealing providing more authentic content with the potential to boost users’ engagement.

With EmbedFeed, you won’t need to hire a web developer to create a whole social media widget from scratch. Our team has simplified everything for you. We have developed the easiest way to create a social media feed that suits your needs and embed it on your website with only one line of code. Just take your pick from our demo widgets created in different layouts, from the most used social media platforms, and for a different purpose such as hashtag campaigns, events, products, and business mentions.

We even went a few steps further and enabled various moderation options for our widgets. Connect your desired social media source such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and choose a layout, add CTA or shoppable links, edit the text and the colors or even add a custom CSS. Once you are ready, copy and paste a single line of code on your website and the widget will show immediately. Our support team is here to inspire you and help you design a great widget layout and make the embedding process, a bliss – at any time.