Facebook notifications marketing app

Facebook Notifications Platform

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Let’s disrupt the email subscriber forms and use more innovative approach to notifying subscribers. Why not use the Facebook notifications, send direct messages and gain double digit CTRs?

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Facebook Album Plugin

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The Facebook album plugin allows users to embed their Facebook photo albums on their blog or website.There is no installation or coding required. Just copy/paste the Facebook album link and you will generate a code. You will need to embed this code in your website, that will display the selected Facebook album. If you want to remove the logo, generate a responsive album or customize, then you should get the PRO version of the plugin.

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Facebook album plugin
Marketting app for mobile discounts

EmbedPromotions – Native mobile app + Facebook promotions tab

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Yes, it’s a mobile world and you need to establish your presence ASAP. We’ve listened to our customers’ needs and we are proposing a solution that will mostly help commerce companies to establish a dynamic catalogue with discounts through affordable native mobile apps.

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EmbedPush – Mobile Notifications

Private beta

EmbedPush is a service that allows developers to implement a functionality in their mobile apps that will enable them to send push notifications to their mobile users.

This app includes a simple documentation kit that developers can use to implement in their mobile apps and a notifications console for submitting the actual text message and sending the notification.

Contact us if you want to implement the EmbedPush app.

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EmbedPush - mobile push notifications app

We understand advertising tech and build marketing apps.

8+ years of experience with development of marketing apps and advance projects integrated with the social media networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. We understand the ad tech industry and quickly implement the latest trends in our products. Our unique advantage is that we are very excited to implement the newest options provided by the social networks and give to our clients the first on the market solutions.

“We want to help marketers build better relationships with their customers. Our team is focused on developing marketing apps that can capture attention and enhance results with relevant advertising.

Be ready to get the latest ad tech in your hands and offer the most exciting engagement to your clients.”

Nikola BojkovCo-Founder at EmbedSocial