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Social media feeds aggregator


EmbedFeed is your one-stop shop for all social media feed needs! It makes it easy to show your social media presence on a any website, in seconds.
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Online reviews management


The easiest and quickest way to get customer reviews on your website. Automatically collects and embeds social proof in a matter of seconds.
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Instagram stories platform


EmbedStories automatically embeds your Instagram Stories on any website. It makes it easy for you to sync Stories, in one single place!
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Facebook albums


A super-easy, customizable solution for embedding social media albums. Stop wasting time and start using EmbedAlbum, to sync entire Facebook galleries in just few clicks.
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Online Forms builder


The easiest form builder on the planet. EmbedForms makes it quick for you to collect any data from your customers, improve experience and keep customers happy.
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The EmbedSocial platform provides a variety of UGC products. If you need a specific functionality related to collecting user-generated content and improving your website's social proof, feel free to send us details by clicking the button below.