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Vimeo video feed generator

Display Vimeo video channel on any website
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EmbedSocial integrates with the Vimeo platform that enables you to collect Vimeo videos and display them on your website.

This integration allows constant sync with Vimeo, which means that any time you upload a video in the channel on your Vimeo profile it will automatically sync with your website.

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Embed Vimeo videos in a variety of sliders, feeds or masonry layouts

Use the ready-made templates to display Vimeo widgets on your website, in seconds.

Our in house team has designed professional layouts that work for any website, mobile or desktop.

You can choose from the variety of sliders, grid or masonry layouts that will display your Vimeo videos in modern and interactive web widgets.

Custom CSS editor for your Vimeo widgets

The EmbedSocial platform offers an entire functionality for uploading CSS code that can overwrite the default design of the widgets.

Therefore, you can have full control over the look of your Vimeo widgets.

This custom CSS option is available for each widget which means you are able to make different designs for different widgets.

How to generate and embed Youtube videos?

Follow these steps to start aggregating Youtube videos and playlists with EmbedSocial:

  1. Start a trial and register to EmbedSocial
  2. Choose Vimeo as a source
  3. Paste the link of your Vimeo account
  4. Customize the layout and moderate the Vimeo videos if needed
  5. Copy/paste the code to display the Vimeo widget on your website

Create multiple Vimeo widgets for multiple websites

EmbedSocial is designed to allow users to have great flexibility in creating and displaying the Vimeo widgets on multiple websites.

Therefore, you are not limited to create multiple widgets or embed them on more than one website.

This is available for all plans and you will not need to upgrade if you need to display widgets on more websites or if you need to create more Vimeo widgets in the same account.

This option gives great flexibility especially for companies that have multiple Vimeo accounts or agencies that manage more accounts and more client websites.

Auto-sync or moderate your Vimeo video gallery

EmbedSocial provides both. The option to auto-sync the video channel on your website or an entire functionality for moderating your videos.

In more detail, the moderation options give you the flexibility to handpick which videos show on your website.

Need help?

Frequently asked questions about Youtube video feed

Have a specific question about Vimeo video feeds? Check the FAQ section below or click the bottom right chat icon and talk with us.