Facebook albums plugin for Squarespace

Generate and display all your Facebook page photos in an album or gallery on your Squarespace website.
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EmbedAlbum is a full-featured tool that can help you generate your social media photos and create album widgets so you will be able to sync them with your Squarespace website.

It works with the main social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and provides tons of customizations and functionalities such as: 

  • Advanced option to create one gallery with all Facebook albums
  • Variety of photo sliders, carousel, and grid layouts
  • Option to apply custom CSS to make the album fully custom according to your website design
  • Responsive design that works seamlessly on any devices or screen
  • Option to add a call to action buttons and redirect potential customers to checkout pages

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How to use it in Squarespace

There is no installation required to use the EmbedReviews in Squarespace.

To embed a social media album with your Squarespace website, you will first need to set up your EmbedAlbum account and sync your social media profiles with our platform.

Once you generate the photos from your social media and get the provided code, just follow these steps: 

  1. Login to your Squarespace website
  2. Open the Squarespace page where you want to embed the code
  3. In the page edit screen, point to the section where you want to add the album and click on the plus + icon to add new content block
  4. From the content, list choose the ‘Embed’ or ‘Code’ block
  5. Paste the provided code from your EmbedAlbum account and,
  6. Save the Squarespace page

To get all the details about how to embed Facebook, Twitter or Instagram album in Squarespace check out this tutorial

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Plans start at $19/month and are based on the number of sources.

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