Examples of Social Media Feeds & Walls for Any Website

Demos of interactive social media feeds generated by EmbedFeed from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other social media networks.

Facebook Instagram TikTok social media feeds for your website

Embrace the power of connectivity with our lively guide on integrating a social media feed into your website!

We’re unwrapping the benefits, taking a tour of diverse feed types, and showcasing stellar examples. Plus, we share a step-by-step guide to create and add your social media feed to your website.

Let’s dive in!

What Are Social Media Feeds?

Social media feeds are streams of content embedded on a website and generated from social media platforms, which update in real-time as new posts are added.

Social media feeds meaning

These feeds display a continuous flow of updates, photos, videos, links, and more from users that you follow or are relevant to your interests, depending on the platform’s algorithm.

They can also be embedded into websites, providing fresh content and allowing visitors to engage with a brand’s social media activities directly from the website.

embed Instagram feed

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Why Add a Social Media Feed to Your Website?

In short, here is why you need a social media feed for your website. 

You can automatically sync fresh content with your website, which your most loyal followers usually create. Showcasing this type of user-generated content will eventually help you build trust and lead to more conversions. 

In summary, here are the main benefits of adding social media feeds on websites: 

  • Enhance your social media marketing efforts 
  • Increase social media followers
  • Expand the reach of your social media content
  • Archive and analyze UGC (user-generated content)
  • Show social proof on your website
  • Add call-to-action buttons to drive visitors to landing pages.
  • Convert more leads on your website

Types of Social Media Feeds

The primary outcomes that you will get when you display social content on your website are widget-like feeds like the following: 

  • Brand wall – When you want to embed a combined feed from your Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram brand’s posts, the most frequent use case is to showcase your website visitors and your company’s activity. The result is usually a social media wall that contains content posted by your team on all your social media accounts. 
  • Event wall – Event organizers can engage online visitors and display an entire wall with the event attendees’ Instagram hashtag posts. By doing this, you will be able to provide a user-generated view of the conference atmosphere directly on your website. And remember, by embedding an Instagram wall feed, you will never need to update it manually.
  • Instagram hashtag campaign wall – By using a feed generator, you can enhance your marketing campaigns and engage with your Instagram audience. People love to connect their offline experience with their online presence. By providing a contest campaign, you can encourage users to post their photos using a specific Instagram hashtag and select the winners by giving an Instagram hashtag feed on a website where web visitors can vote for the best photos.

For each of the social media networks, you can create different feeds, like the following:

  • Facebook feed: Provide your Facebook permissions to create Facebook feeds with the content from your page or content that users post mentioning your page. 
  • Instagram feed: Instagram users can give permission to their Instagram account and sync all the content they post on Instagram with your website. Additionally, they can specify a hashtag and display the Instagram posts tagged with a particular hashtag.
  • TikTok feed: Submit links to TikTok videos and create an entire TikTok video feed for your website. It is a unique feed that provides websites with the engaging power enabled by TikTok.
  • YouTube feed: Create a video channel with the videos posted on your YouTube channel, videos that tag specific Youtube hashtags, or videos in a YouTube playlist. 
  • Twitter feed: Give permission to your Twitter account to sync the Tweets with your website. On top of that, you can add tweets that include a specific hashtag or mention your account. 
  • Pinterest widget: Aggregate the entire Pinterest board and embed it on your website.
  • LinkedIn feed: Automatically generate your LinkedIn page posts and embed an entire LinkedIn feed on your website that will automatically sync every time you publish a new post on your LinkedIn page.

Social Media Feeds Examples

No matter if you have an e-commerce store or blog that you want to stand out and engage your users, social media feeds help marketers use their social media presence to boost their website’s performance automatically.

New social media feeds can come in various layouts that you can choose from, such as grid, carousel, slider, and collage layout; use CSS editor or apply other customization options so the feeds fit any website design. 

To get a more realistic view of these layouts, check the 5 examples of different social media feeds generated by the EmbedFeed platform: 

1. Instagram Photos [Slider widget]

Showcase your social media posts in a beautiful, modern carousel layout, perfect for home pages or other landing pages. Here is an example: 

instagram carousel
See Instagram photos slider demo

2. Facebook and Instagram Mentions [Wall widget]

Display a combination of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts that mention your brand. Click the caption link to view the social media feed demo that you can embed with posts from both your Facebook page and Instagram account:

facebook feed
Instagram and Facebook feed demo →

3. Instagram Hashtag Feed [Masonry widget]

This is a perfect example of showcasing user-generated content from Instagram. By encouraging users to post their experience by using a hashtag, you are able to collect all that content and display it on your website in a feed like this:

hashtag instagram feed
See masonry widget demo

4. Youtube Video [Feed widget]

Generate YouTube videos from a specific channel and display them in a feed that syncs with your website any time you post a video on YouTube. Here is an example:

YouTube video feed widget
See YouTube feed demo →

Curate engaging TikTok videos on trending topics and effortlessly improve your company’s brand awareness. This social media aggregation platform can transform regular videos into a lovely TikTok widget like this one:

tiktok videos feed widget
See TikTok carousel widget demo

6. Facebook page social media feed [Collage widget]

Pre-generate all your Facebook page posts and showcase them on your website. Doing this saves time from publishing the same content and informs your web visitors about your regular activities.

Embed Facebook feed widget
See Facebook collage widget demo →

7. Pinterest board widget

Embed Pinterest widget
See Pinterest widget demo >

Pinterest provides an API that allows developers like us at EmbedFeed to provide functionality that allows users to embed Pinterest boards on their website with just a few clicks.

Here are the main benefits of having the Pinterest board on your website :

  • Expand the reach of your Pinterest content.
  • Helps to get more traffic from your website visitors to Pinterest
  • It can be used as a sales tool to tag links to products directly on the tagged images.

Sign up and embed Pinterest today >

8. LinkedIn page feed

As LinkedIn is becoming a very popular platform, users are now able to display and sync their content from LinkedIn on their website by using a social media feed widget from EmbedFeed. Here is an example of a LinkedIn feed widget in a slider layout:

LinkedIn slider feed widget
See LinkedIn feed demo >

Steps to Create Your Own Social Media Feed

To get started, here is a quick tutorial on how to create a social media feed by using the free social media aggregator EmbedFeed

Step 1: First, log in to EmbedFeed (or create an account if you still don’t have one), go to ‘Sources,‘ and click ‘Add new source.

connect new social media account

Step 2: Create a Facebook source (posts from a page, mentions, or visitors’ posts).

choose facebook as a social media feed

Step 3: After creating a Facebook source, don’t choose the template yet and click ‘Add another source‘ so you can add more sources before creating the social media feed.

option to add another social media feed in widget

Step 4: Once you click ‘Add another source,’ repeat the process to add an Instagram source.

Select Instagram as a source to generate Instagram posts

Once you connect multiple sources from social media accounts, you can create a widget showing posts from the selected sources. Follow the steps below to create the widget.

Step 5: In the last step, select the widget template you want to start with and click on its ‘Use this template’ button

Select Instagram widget template

Step 6: Once you create the widget, you can go to the Sources tab and still add more sources, like TikTok, Pinterest, or YouTube, and create a more robust social media feed with all your sources.

add multiple social media feed sources

Step 6: When you do all editor customizations, you can embed your social media feed. To do this, click the ‘Embed‘ tab and click ‘Copy Code‘ in the top-left sidebar of the platform.

code to embed instagram feed

Step 7: Finally paste this code into the body section of your website, and the widget will appear immediately. If you are using WordPress, you can use the plus button on the page editor and search for the custom HTML block where you will need to paste the code you got from EmbedFeed (as shown below.)

Steps to embed HTML in WordPress

That’s it.

Here you can see how the social media widget works once it is embedded:

embed Instagram feed

Show social media wall on your website automatically!

Try EmbedFeed and display Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, and Vimeo feeds on your website in seconds.

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Please note that you can choose to combine up to 15 social media channels like a Twitter feed, YouTube playlist, Vimeo, TikTok, LinkedIn or create your own custom feed despite Facebook and Instagram feeds, depending on your pricing plan. Or follow the link below to learn how to do this for free.

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Further reading

The best part is that EmbedFeed’s javascript codes work with all major CMS and website builders like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, PageCloud, etc.

The EmbedSocial platform also offers simple social media feed plugins for WordPress to aggregate and reuse your user-generated content.

40+ Best Social Media Feeds and Templates

Explore the social media widgets library by EmbedSocial and discover your website’s best social media feed.

You can browse by a source like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube or by widget layouts like grid, slider, popup, or collage.

Click below to get started with your new social media widget:

We’ve journeyed through the compelling world of social media feeds, uncovering their benefits, exploring the variety, and drawing inspiration from outstanding examples.

With the knowledge of creating your own feed, you’re ready to transform your website into a vibrant, interactive hub.

Frequently asked questions

Social media walls or social media feeds – what is the difference?

social media wall is a live or aggregated feed of social media content from social media platforms displayed on any digital signage display. It can be Tweet walls, Instagram posts walls, Facebook walls, or a combination of all networks in one place.

On the other hand, social media feeds are widgets generated by social media aggregators that contain content from various social media accounts and are shown on a website. 

But please note that these differences are very small, so we usually use social media feeds and social media walls as synonyms. 

How to build a free social media wall?

To combine your brand’s content from various social networks in one wall-like layout, you need social media aggregator like EmbedFeed to access your social media accounts and get all the mentioned content from other users who posted about your brand. 

With a variety of customization, moderation, and analytics options, you can easily create the perfect social media display. No coding skills are required. It comes with a free version, too.

Can an embedded social media feed wall help me promote my events?

Absolutely. Including a social media wall can be a game-changer for both physical and virtual events. The social wall can be used in various forms. For live events, display your social media wall on a big screen, include it in a live stream, or embed it on your website as a live social media wall.

To maximize the social wall’s potential, promote the event hashtag and encourage the event audience to post about it and watch the generated posts in real time.

Can a social media wall help me promote my events?

Absolutely. Including a social media wall can be a game-changer for both physical and virtual events. The social wall can be used in various forms. For live events, display your social media wall on a big screen, include it in a live stream, or embed it on your website as a live social media wall.

To maximize the social wall’s potential, promote the event hashtag and encourage the event audience to post about it and watch the generated posts in real time.

Can I customize social media widget layouts?

Most of the aggregators provide options to do a complete makeover of the layout look and feel. In addition to the options shown above for the EmbedFeed example, you can create a fully custom layout with your creative team or ask our customer support team to give you a hand implementing it. 

FYI: You can embed Instagram widget automatically with a social media aggregator and alive your website with fresh content.


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Social media aggregator is a tool that generates posts published on social media networks and help analyze, moderate and display on your website.


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