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TrovaTrip increased booking conversion rates by 12% with customer testimonials in just 4 weeks

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Nick Poggi
Co-Founder of TrovaTrip
"Finding EmbedSocial was one of those rare “hallelujah” moments you experience in business!"
The story

About TrovaTrip


TrovaTrip was founded in early 2017 by Nick Poggi, Lauren Schneider and a team of travel enthusiasts. TrovaTrip provides 10-day curated adventures for young professionals. Users select their travel preferences and are matched to trips with others looking for a similar experience. Each trip consists of up to 20 travelers and includes 3+ star hotel or apartment accommodations, transportation, guided tours and a number of optional add-on experiences.

TrovaTrip is redefining travel for the young professional by making it more personal, more authentic and certainly more accessible. Through Trova Pass, they also offer a subscription travel option where users can pay $99/month and earn 1 credit each month that can be applied to any of their available trips. Trips typically start at only 12 credits.

With their team of experts, they’re able to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for their travelers.

The challenge

Build trust among travelers

As a travel company leading groups of young professionals halfway across the globe, trust is vital to the success of their business. They’ve carefully cultivated their brand and offering, asking their customers for feedback and reviews has been a top priority since day 1.

The Solution

Aggregator of customer reviews
from Facebook and Google

One of the best ways that they can build trust amongst their following is to allow their past (and future) travelers share their experience through reviews.

TrovaTrip initially implemented a few clunky solutions, but none of them worked seamlessly between the different review sources: Facebook, Google, website and written reviews via email. They also were not very user-friendly for customers or for the Trova team to manage on the back-end.

"Finding EmbedSocial was one of those rare “hallelujah” moments you experience in business!"
Nick Poggi
Co-Founder of TrovaTrip

Founder, Nick Poggi, described finding EmbedSocial as one of those rare “hallelujah” moments you experience in business. He found that it was easy to implement, connected to all of their sources seamlessly, all within a beautiful responsive UI. As Facebook and Google reviews automatically flowed onsite, customers were able to see real-time testimonials and build trust in the brand.

trovatrip embed reviews

Other reputation management platforms:

  • clunky solutions
  • none of them worked seamlessly
  • not very user-friendly

EmbedSocial platform:

  • easy to implement
  • connect to sources seamlessly
  • beautiful responsive UI
  • responsive and attentive team.

Explore the product used in this Case Study: EmbedReviews >>

The outcome

12% increase of conversion rates
plus 62X ROI

TrovaTrip saw a 12% lift in booking conversion rates in just 4 weeks following the implementation of EmbedSocial. On top of it, TrovaTrip achieved 62X ROI on their investment in EmbedSocial. If the performance holds, they expect that EmbedSocial will add tens of thousands of dollars of incremental revenue in 2018.

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