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About EmbedFeed Instagram Feed Aggregator

Have you ever wondered how to replicate the engaging Instagram experience on your Joomla website? If yes, we got you covered!

EmbedFeed is all-in-one tool that helps you create stunning galleries from your Instagram posts, content that goes under your favorite hashtags, or media published by users that mention your account.

With modern ready-made widget layouts and a variety of customization and modification options, EmbedFeed will help you craft the desired widget and impress your website visitors at a glance.

Catch the attention of your visitors, attract users to stay longer on the page, and convert them effortlessly thanks to our comprehensive Instagram Feed aggregator.

Delivering a superb user experience for your Joomla website has never been easier!

Benefits for your Joomla website

  • Increases brand awareness and reach to a large extent
  • Uplift your website vibrancy and so do users dwell time
  • Boosts user engagement and interaction
  • Builds social proof with user-generated content
  • Enhances conversion and sales

Instagram feed features for Joomla

  • 11 Instagram feed layouts that match any Joomla templates and designs
  • Widget interface fully customizable and responsive for various devices (mobile, desktop, tablet)
  • Advanced moderation options – sort posts by priority and handpick which of them you want to see displayed
  • Custom CSS editor for complete widget makeover
  • Negative keywords option to automatically ban the posts that contain certain keywords from showing
  • Auto-sync the latest Instagram posts on your live widget
  • Option to add CTA buttons to each post and create a shoppable Instagram feed widget
  • Multiple Instagram feed widgets on multiple Joomla websites
  • Combo widget with a variety of social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok) or option to create a custom Instagram feed
  • No need to install or maintain a Joomla plugin

How to embed Instagram feed on Joomla

If you use Joomla as CMS, then you are probably familiar that embeds in Joomla can be confusing. It’s a real challenge to find the right embed code and then keep it intact while using your WYSIWYG editor.

Luckily, our Instagram Feed Aggregator makes adding Instagram feed on Joomla a piece of cake.

Just follow the steps below.

Steps to embed Instagram feed on a Joomla website

  1. Set a free trial for EmbedFeed and connect your Instagram account
  2. Choose the type of Instagram feed (hashtags, mentions, or account)
  3. Use the settings to customize your Instagram Feed widget
  4. Once done, copy the HTML code located in the top right corner
  5. Login to your Joomla website and go to the article where you want the widget to be appear
  6. Select the ‘HTML’ option from the menu
  7. Paste the provided code into the HTML Source Editor and click ‘Update’

That’s it.

Please have in mind that once you display the Instagram Feed widget on your Joomla site, you have full control over it. Feel free to change the widget look and feel anytime you want within your EmbedFeed account.

If adding an HTML code to Joomla gives you trouble, please reach out to your customer support team and we will be happy to do that instead of you. 🙂


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