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Just like sharing videos on your social media networks, adding videos on your website is a great way to engage visitors and turn them into clients.

Videos double the time visitors spend on a website and relevant hashtags can expand the reach of your marketing campaigns 5 times faster.

To help you put such numbers to work for you, we created a simple YouTube hashtag generator to help you gather all your videos that contain certain hashtags in one modern widget.

With EmbedFeed, you can curate your YouTube hashtag feed with just a few clicks, show real-time video content that can sync automatically and re-invent your shopping process by adding buy buttons to your video feed.

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Benefits of embedding YouTube hashtag feed on your website

  • Boosts the visibility of your marketing campaigns and events
  • Collects all videos that mention your brand or products effortlessly
  • Increases the average time on page
  • Promotes your products in a more engaging way
  • Improves your conversion rates when adding CTA buttons to your videos
  • Promotes your YouTube account and increases your subscribers base

Variety of customizable and interactive layouts that suit every website

Pick some of our 10+ modern layouts to curate a unique user experience for your website that will look outstanding on mobile and desktop, too.

All of our layouts are designed to be fast-loading, interactive and completely mobile responsive. So, feel free to customize the templates the way you want, play around with the settings, or try the lightbox experience.

Moreover, you have the option to redirect your website visitors from the widget to your YouTube channel and gain more followers.

Custom builder for your YouTube hashtag feed

Our layout designs don’t suit your branding?

No problem!

Our in-house team created the EmbedFeed platform to be so adjustable, that you can do a complete makeover of the widget, so it represents your brand flawlessly.

Show your creativity with our basic Custom CSS editor.

And if you need any help with the widget transformation, reach out to us and we will be happy to do that instead of you.

How to generate and embed a YouTube hashtag feed on your website?

Generating and showing videos that contain certain hashtags can be done within a few minutes. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Start your free trial for EmbedFeed
  2. Choose YouTube as a source
  3. Write down the hashtag(s) you want us to pull videos from
  4. Choose a layout, moderate the videos or set your ‘Buy’ buttons
  5. Copy and paste the provided shortcode into an HTML section on your website where you want the widget displayed

Create multiple YouTube hashtag widgets for multiple websites

To maximize the user experience and level up your marketing game, use the EmbedFeed platform to craft a combo feed from all the sources you need on every website you have.

This tool can be highly beneficial for you if you are an agency with multiple clients or a business that has several branches in different locations and separate website domains for them.

Auto-sync and moderate your YouTube hashtag widget

We guess you don’t have time to manually search and find all videos by hashtags on your website, so to help you out, we created an auto-sync option that will automatically generate all the videos that go under a particular hashtag(s) you have selected before.

Want to remove some of the irrelevant content from the hashtag feed? No problem!
Try the moderation option and select the videos that you want to be shown.

EmbedFeed provides you with several moderation options like selecting the priority in appearance for your videos or filtering them by date.

Need help?

Frequently asked questions about YouTube Hashtag feed

Still have questions? Feel free to browse the FAQ section below or tap the chat icon to reach us.