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Generate and display all your Facebook page photos in an album or gallery on your WordPress website
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EmbedAlbum is a full-featured tool that can help you generate your social media photos and create album widgets so you will be able to sync them with your WordPress website.

The main option is the ability to sync your Facebook albums with your website with just one line of code and in real time. 

It works with the main social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and provides tons of customizations and functionalities such as: 

  • Advanced option to create one gallery with all Facebook albums
  • Variety of photo sliders, carousel, and grid layouts
  • Option to apply custom CSS to make the album fully custom according to your website design
  • Responsive design that works seamlessly on any devices or screen
  • Option to add a call to action buttons and redirect potential customers to checkout pages


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How to use it in WordPress

To get started first you will need to log in to your EmbedStories account and connect your Instagram business account with the platform.

Once you generate stories widget you will need to embed it in your WordPress website. To do this you can choose to install the official plugin or just embed the provided JavaScript code.

Download WordPress Plugin  

The benefit of installing the plugin is that you will get a simple shortcode for each stories widget, that you can directly paste in the visual editor, no coding skills required.

Here are the steps to install and use the plugin:

  1. Login to your WordPress
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New
  3. In the search field, type EmbedSocial and click ‘Install Now’
  4. Once you install the plugin click ‘Activate’
  5. Go back to your EmbedReviews account and copy the provided shortcode
  6. Open the visual editor of your WordPress page and paste the shortcode in the position where you want the widget to display.

For more detailed instructions on how to embed your Facebook albums on your WordPress website, please check the this tutorial  

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