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Embrace your guests' online reviews

Word-of-mouth is one of the greatest drivers of the success in the hospitality business. If you are in this industry you are probably familiar what bad reviews can do on a or similar hotels search website. Why not make the most out of them?
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The success of the hospitality businesses highly depends on the previous customers' experience.

Here are the findings by StatisticBrain and the data research, they conducted in May 2017
Percent of travelers who find user reviews important 81%
% of travelers who won’t book a hotel without reviews 49%
% of travel reviews written by women 53%
Average number of reviews for a hotel
Customers are always right

Why you must monitor, generate and handle every word written by your guests online

Reviews live forever
In today's open and transparent digital economy, reviews live and breath forever. This means that few words positive or negative have a tremendous impact on the future gains of the hoteliers.
Make or break a business
If you own a business in this industry than you are probably aware that the customer reviews can break or make its success. Therefore, an online review from an unsatisfied customer must be managed with an immediate action.
Grow on social networks
The most global and engaging network where people share and discuss is Facebook, right. So, what are you doing about it?
Here comes our help

EmbedReviews for
hotels and travel businesses

We’ve built a solution to generate Facebook reviews – EmbedReviews  and get the Facebook reviewers who posted the reviews on your hotel's page or similar hospitality business such as restaurant or nightclub. You can also create an autoresponder that will send a thank you reply to each review. It also syncs with Google and Yelp locations. The best, you can display all these reviews on your website automatically.


How EmbedReviews can help
your hotel to mange online reviews

generate facebook reviews

Aggregate Facebook, Google or Yelp reviews

In a single click, you can get the reviews posted from your guests on your hotel's Facebook Page. You can search through the reviews and analyze to understand your customer’s voice. EmbedReviews also supports generating reviews from Yelp and Google locations.

Display the reviews on your website

With this feature, you will no longer need to manually manage the testimonials page on your website. It will embed the reviews on any position on your website and they will automatically update each time a new review is posted;
display reviews on website
respond to google reviews

Respond to reviews, manually or with autoresponder

This is a unique option that is available only on the EmbedReviews platform. It will make your Facebook activity transparent and on time for each review. You can set up a thank you note or an image that will automatically post when a review is placed by a customer. Or you can respond manually to each review from a single platform.

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