How to Embed Google Reviews on Squarespace in 2024?

Steps to easily display Google reviews for free in a Squarespace website.

Steps to embed Google reviews in Squarespace

Discover how to embed Google reviews on your Squarespace website to boost credibility and engage visitors.

This guide outlines how to incorporate a Google reviews widget into your Squarespace site, underscoring the advantages such as increased trust and SEO benefits.

Follow straightforward steps to enhance your website’s allure and user experience by showcasing authentic customer feedback.

Quick guide: Embed Google reviews on Squarespace for free

Here is how to add Google reviews to Squarespace with the free Google reviews widget;

  1. Sign up and log into the free Google reviews widget;
  2. Navigate to the ‘Sources‘ tab (left-hand side) and add Google as a source;
  3. Next, type your location in the map, click ‘Select location’ and the system will generate your most relevant Google reviews.
  4. Open the widget editor, customize your widget, and copy the embed code;
  5. Log into your Squarespace account;
  6. Open the page where you want to add your widget;
  7. Select ‘Add new section,’ choose ‘Embed‘ from the block options, click the block, select ‘Code snippet,’ and paste your code by choosing ‘Embed data.’

Embed your Google Reviews for free

Display your Google reviews or create a free Google rating badge for your website.

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The free Google reviews widget is a great solution for SMEs who only need a few reviews on their website. For larger websites and brands with more reviews that need to sync automatically, check the steps below for the guide to embed premium Google reviews widgets automatically on a Squarespace website.

Complete guide to embed Google reviews in Squarespace automatically

Adding your Google reviews to Squarespace automatically, usually involves a two-part procedure: first, generating the reviews to create an embeddable widget and then inserting the widget code into Squarespace.

Phase 1: Create and customize your Google reviews widget

  1. Register for the premium Google reviews widget.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Sources’ tab (left-side ribbon), and click ‘Add source’;
    Embed Google reviews automatically
  3. Choose ‘Google’, tick your Google Business location, and click ‘Next’
    Select a Google my business profile and collect reviews
  4. Hover over the widget template you would like to use and tap ‘Use this template’;
  5. Customize your widget as you see fit, tap ‘Embed’ (left-side ribbon), and click ‘Copy code’; Embed code for Google reviews photo widget

Phase 2: Add your Google reviews widget to your Squarespace website

Now that you’ve copied your Google reviews widget code let’s finish the setup in your Squarespace editor. Just a few simple steps remain, so stick with us.

  1. Sign into your Squarespace account and select the page where you’d like the reviews displayed.
  2. Choose ‘Add new section
  3. After that, choose ‘Add block’ at the desired location for the widget.
  4. Choose the appropriate content block type for your widget, and from the list of blocks, pick ‘Embed.’
  5. Click on the newly added block, opt for the ‘Code snippet,’ and proceed to paste the copied code by selecting ‘Embed data.’
  6. Paste the code and click ‘Save‘.

Video guide: Add and display Google reviews on Squarespace

Here’s a video outlining the entire 2-minute process:

Live demo: Google reviews widgets in action

See the 40+ Google reviews widgets and once you decide the one you like, just click the Use this template button.

Furthermore, you can view a full page with a description for each of the widget types below:

Sign up for the Google reviews widget

In summary, embedding Google reviews into Squarespace is a strategic move that will greatly impact your website’s ability to sell more.

With successfully embedded Google reviews, you showcase genuine customer experiences, building trust with potential clients and enhancing your site’s search visibility, which enriches the overall user journey.

Google reviews are live and can be easily authenticated and in this world with fake and AI-generated content, you will stand out with genuine customer insights that will help new prospects choose your brand over the competition.

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FAQ about embedding Google reviews

Can you add a review section on the Squarespace website?

Yes, you can add a review section to your Squarespace website.

This can be achieved by using Squarespace’s built-in blocks, such as the Text Block for written reviews or the Gallery/Summary Block for more visually oriented testimonials.

Additionally, free third-party tools and widgets like EmbedSocial offer more dynamic and interactive options, allowing you to add Google reviews or reviews from other platforms directly to your Squarespace website.

How do I add Google reviews to Squarespace website?

  1. Create a Google review widget in EmbedSocial by linking your Google Business Profile and copying the widget code from the ‘Embed’ tab.
  2. In Squarespace, choose the page for the reviews, add an ‘Embed’ block, and paste the widget code into the Code snippet field.

Yes, adding Google reviews to Squarespace is legal if you stick to Google’s guidelines and terms of service. Ensure the reviews are displayed accurately, without altering any content, and acknowledge that the reviews are sourced from Google.

Which is the best Google reviews Squarespace plugin?

Several Google review plugins offer similar functionalities. We suggest experimenting with the EmbedSocial Google reviews plugin, a comprehensive social media aggregator that not only gathers and organizes but also showcases all your Google reviews with its advanced features.

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