Feed your startup with social media data

EmbedSocial is partnering with Startups that want to integrate a simple API and empower their app or tool with social media photos, reviews, or feeds.

All features included. * No contracts required

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key benefits

Designed for seamless integration, to save time and resources


A simple API hook that will supply your app with new superpowers

Your roadmap is probably full of upcoming features and you don’t have time to maintain another social media integration. Focus your team on your core roadmap and hook with the EmbedSocial API to bring extra superpowers to your app. Effortlessly.


Embed social media photos, in seconds with endless possibilities

Having in mind the complexity of the API integrations, our main focus is to enable an entire stream of social media photos with no or little changes in your app UI. With a simple click or input field, our API can embed slideshows, grids or entire galleries from various social media accounts.


Feed your app with online reviews from multiple sources and accounts

From property listings, business directories to user-centered apps, the application of online reviews is colossal. Provide your app users with functionalities to get reviews from multiple sources, such as Facebook, Yelp, or Google, and gain immediate trust.

SEO Snippets
Drive Google traffic with simple SEO snippets

Use SEO snippets that appear in Google search to make your pages more engaged and therefore more clicks.


Reviews API
Connect to EmbedSocial’s API and customize your reviews data

Use a powerful API to get reviews from different social media platforms and make custom adjustments that fit your own platform, app, or software.


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