16 Google Reviews Widgets For Your Website

Browse a robust list with innovative Google reviews widgets and learn how to build one for your website.

Tempaltes for Google Reviews widgets

If you want to browse the best Google Review widgets and embed Google reviews on your website, you are at the right place.

All the widgets in this list are powered and built with the EmbedReviews platform, which has direct and official integration with the Google Customer Reviews API, enabling seamless syncing of thousands of reviews on your website.

These widgets can be used by small local companies with just a few reviews up to large businesses with multiple Google locations.

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What is a Google Reviews Widget?

A Google Reviews Widget is a specialized tool that allows you to display customer reviews from Google directly on your website.

This widget bridges your Google My Business account and your website, enabling you to showcase real-time customer feedback without requiring visitors to leave your site.

EmbedSocial is one of the most robust tools to generate your Google business reviews and embed Google reviews widgets on any website.

It provides 40+ Google reviews widgets; below, we will show a few you can use today.

How does a Google Reviews widget work?

Before showing all the Google reviews widget templates first, let’s introduce how they are built with EmbedSocial’s widgets editor.

In short, EmbedSocial is a UGC platform that enables users to connect with various social networks and review sites and pull content like photos, reviews, or videos in one place.

Related to this, its main functionality is showcasing Google business reviews and UGC posts in interactive social proof widgets.

Its Google reviews widget integrates with your Google My Business account. Once you’ve set it up, it will automatically pull reviews from your account and display them on your website. The process is straightforward and doesn’t require any coding skills or a Google API key, making it accessible for website owners of all technical levels.

And finally, the tool to build the widgets is called Universal Editor, which is one of the main features of the EmbedSocial platform.

editor for reviews widgets

It allows users to add multiple data sources and choose different settings, designs, and layouts to construct the most suitable widget to display Google reviews on your website.

Finally, to embed the Google reviews widget, you will only need to copy and paste the provided code.

In the following text, you can see the outputs of the editor when creating Google reviews widgets.

Browse Google reviews widgets

1: Slider Google Reviews Widget

Slider Google reviews widget
See Google reviews slider demo →

This widget is one of the most used widget templates in the EmbedReviews platforms.

It is perfect for displaying many reviews in one compact layout that allows users to interact by clicking on it and reading the detailed reviews in a lightbox mode.

It fits great on home pages or sales landing pages.

Get widget →

Template with central aligned cards for Google reviews widget
See widget demo →

The Carousel Google Reviews Widget by EmbedSocial offers a dynamic and visually engaging way to showcase your Google Reviews. Designed to display reviews in a carousel format, this widget allows users to scroll horizontally through a series of reviews, providing an interactive experience for your website visitors.

  • Auto-Scroll: The carousel can be set to auto-scroll, allowing reviews to automatically slide across the screen at a set interval.
  • Customizable design: You can tailor the look of the carousel to match your website’s aesthetics, including adjusting the colors, fonts, and slide speed.
  • Mobile responsiveness: The widget is optimized for mobile viewing, ensuring a seamless experience across all devices.

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3: Popup Google Reviews Widget

Light Google reviews widget in a floating mode
See widget demo →

The key features of this widget are the settings to float at the bottom of the website and the ability to slide the reviews in a slider format automatically. It is perfect for using it as a widget sitewide. Here are some of the active settings and functionalities enabled in this widget:

Why choose the Google Reviews popup?

  • Space-Saving: Since the reviews are in a popover, they don’t occupy constant space on your webpage, allowing for a cleaner design.
  • Lightbox: on click will open each particular review in a lightbox mode.
  • Design flexibility: The popup’s design, including its size, colors, and fonts, can be customized with Custom CSS to align with your brand identity.

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4: Dark Popup Google Reviews Widget

Dark Google reviews widget in. a floating mode
See widget demo →

Our dark popup Google Reviews widget is the perfect solution for modern websites.

It’s easy to install and highly customizable – yes, you can change the overall color by changing the theme setting or using Custom CSS.

By default, this template has enabled dark theme settings.

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5: Classic Google Reviews Widget

Classic Google reviews widget
See widget demo →

Having a Google reviews widget in a full-page feed format provides even more benefits for businesses and customers. For businesses, it helps highlight many customer reviews in cases with hundreds of reviews.

For customers, it offers a comprehensive way on a dedicated page to view all the feedback on a given product or service, making it easier for them to assess the overall quality and make an informed purchasing decision.

Additionally, having the widget in a full-page feed format makes it easier for customers to navigate and find what they want quickly.

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6: One Column Google Reviews Widget

Testimonial Page with Google reviews in one column
See widget demo →

This template is designed to showcase reviews with more text and can fit on a narrow page where the review cards are displayed in one column.

If activated, the page can display a ‘Leave a review’ button that can have the following options:

  • Link to open a form where the reviews will be stored and displayed in the widget in the EmbedSocial platform
  • Link to open the Google reviews form – where the users can directly submit a review on the company location

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7: Dark Grid Google Reviews Widget

Dark template for google reviews grid widget
See widget demo →

This template is great for websites that have darker or more modern layouts.

It displays the Google reviews in a grid of review cards and enables the user to define a Loda more or a numbering pagination to browse through the reviews on one page.

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Google reviews widget in single slide
See widget demo →

This template shows the Google reviews in a slider but one review at a slide. It has a larger font size created using Custom CSS.

Additionally, the widget is clickable, meaning that users can define if on click to open the review in a larger lightbox or on the original source page – the actual review on the Google location.

The widget is designed to be used as a ‘Latest reviews’ section on landing pages and home pages.

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9: Google Reviews CTA Widget

Template to create a Google reviews widget with CTA buttons
See demo →

The Google Reviews CTA Widget by EmbedSocial takes customer testimonials to the next level by integrating Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons and links directly within each review. This innovative widget allows you to guide users from reading a positive review to taking immediate action, such as proceeding to a product’s checkout page or accessing more information.

Why choose the Google Reviews CTA widget?

  • Action-oriented: The inclusion of CTA buttons and links encourages users to take immediate action, enhancing the widget’s effectiveness.
  • Enhanced User Journey: By linking directly to product checkout pages or additional information, you streamline the user’s journey from review to conversion.
  • Highly Engaging: The interactive nature of the CTA buttons makes the reviews more engaging, increasing the likelihood of user interaction.
  • Customizable CTAs: You can add tailored CTA buttons to each review, such as “Buy Now,” “Learn More,” or “Contact Us.”
  • Direct Links: Each review can include a direct link to relevant pages, such as the product being reviewed or a page with more information.

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10: Vertical Autoplay Google Reviews

Autoplay vertical slider for Google reviews

You can transform your widget into a vertical feed that auto-plays by activating a single setting.

It shows a header with your Google reviews, aggregated ratings, and a ‘Write a review’ button that you can link to your Google places location and collect Google reviews directly in the native Google reviews form.

To activate this setting, open the editor, and in Layout settings, scroll to the bottom and activate the Vertical autoplay setting. Here, you have an additional option to set the autoplay interval too.

11: Google reviews photo widget

Example of a Google reviews widget
See demo >

This is a great way to showcase your customer photos and a testimonial about their experience with your company.

EmbedSocial’s Google Reviews Photo Widget takes the concept of displaying customer reviews to the next level by incorporating photos that people have posted along with their reviews. This unique feature adds a visual element to customer feedback, making it more engaging and relatable for your website visitors.

Why Choose EmbedSocial’s Google Reviews Photo Widget?

The inclusion of photos in reviews offers a more authentic and vivid representation of customer experiences. Photos can capture the quality of a product or the ambiance of a location in a way that words alone cannot. Here’s why EmbedSocial’s Google Reviews Photo Widget stands out:

  • Visual appeal: Photos grab attention and can be more convincing than text reviews alone.
  • Enhanced credibility: Real customer photos add an extra layer of trust.
  • User engagement: The visual aspect encourages more interaction from website visitors.

12: Google Reviews ‘Wall of Love’

Create wall of love page with the customer's testimonials
See ‘Wall of love’ demo

EmbedSocial’s Google Reviews ‘Wall of Love’ is a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to create a dedicated space on their website to showcase all their Google reviews. This innovative widget displays reviews and comes with a header that shows the average rating and a link to collect more reviews. Additionally, it provides filters to showcase reviews from other sources, making it a one-stop shop for all your review display needs.

Why choose EmbedSocial’s Google Reviews ‘Wall of Love’?

  • Centralized display: All your Google reviews are displayed on a single page, creating a ‘Wall of Love’ that visitors can scroll through.
  • Multi-Source filters: The widget allows you to filter and display reviews from other platforms, offering a comprehensive view.
  • Average rating: A header displays your average rating, giving visitors an immediate understanding of your overall performance.
  • Review Collection: A dedicated link encourages visitors to leave their own reviews, helping you collect more feedback.

Key features of EmbedSocial’s Google Reviews ‘Wall of Love’

  • Dynamic header: The header updates in real-time to reflect the current average rating.
  • Customizable filters: Choose which other review sources you want to include in the filters.
  • Review link: A ‘Leave a Review’ link is prominently displayed, directing visitors to your Google My Business page or other review platforms.
  • SEO optimized: The widget is designed to be SEO-friendly, helping improve your site’s search engine ranking.

13: Embed Google Reviews Badges

Google Reviews badges are a fantastic way to showcase your business’s reputation directly on your website. These badges serve as mini widgets that can be strategically placed on various pages to display your Google rating. EmbedSocial offers different types of Google Reviews badges, each with its unique features and benefits.

Let’s explore the options: Dark Badge, Floating Badge, and Inline Badge with Customer Avatars.

Google Reviews dark badge

The Google Reviews Dark Badge is designed to blend seamlessly with websites with a darker theme or background. This aesthetically pleasing badge ensures that your Google rating stands out without clashing with your site’s design.

  • Visual Appeal: The dark theme complements websites with darker aesthetics.
  • Flexibility: You can place this badge anywhere on your site, from the footer to the sidebar.
  • Instant Recognition: The dark badge immediately draws attention, making it easier for visitors to notice your rating and the number of Google business reviews.

Google Reviews floating badge

The Floating Badge is a dynamic and interactive option that stays visible as users scroll through your website. This ensures that your Google rating is always in sight, encouraging trust and credibility.

  • Constant Visibility: The badge floats on the screen, making it consistently visible.
  • User Engagement: Its interactive nature encourages users to hover over it, revealing more details like the number of reviews.
  • Customizable Position: You can choose where on the screen the floating badge appears, be it in the bottom right corner or elsewhere.

Google Reviews inline badge with customer avatars

The Inline Badge takes personalization to the next level by including the avatars of customers who have left reviews. This adds a human touch to the badge, making the reviews more relatable and trustworthy.

  • Personalization: Customer avatars make the reviews more engaging and relatable.
  • Versatility: This badge can be embedded inline within your content, making it a great fit for blog posts or product pages.
  • Social Proof: The inclusion of real customer faces enhances the badge’s credibility, serving as strong social proof.

14: Embed Google Reviews with Instagram mentions

In today’s digital landscape, combining different forms of user-generated content can provide a more comprehensive view of your brand’s reputation.

This UGC widget allows you to do just that by embedding Google Reviews alongside Instagram mentions on your website. This innovative widget offers a multi-dimensional approach to showcasing customer feedback or collaborations with UGC creators on Instagram.

Why embed Google Reviews with Instagram Mentions?

  • Holistic view: This widget combines Google Reviews and Instagram mentions, offering a well-rounded portrayal of your brand.
  • Social media integration: Leverage the power of Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms, to enhance your brand’s visibility.
  • Enhanced credibility: The combination of reviews and social mentions adds layers of authenticity and trust to your online presence.

15: Rainbow Google reviews widget

Google reviews widget with rainbow design
See demo

In a world where standing out is key, EmbedSocial’s Rainbow Google Reviews Widget offers a vibrant and eye-catching way to display your Google Reviews. This innovative widget presents reviews in a slider format, where each review card has a different color, creating a visually appealing “rainbow” effect.

Why Choose Widget 15: Rainbow Google Reviews Widget?

  • Visual impact: The rainbow-colored review cards immediately grab attention, making them stand out in your website design.
  • Slider format: Reviews are displayed in a slider, allowing users to easily scroll through multiple reviews without overwhelming the page.
  • Enhanced user experience: The colorful design and interactive slider create an engaging user experience.
  • Colorful cards: Each review card in the slider comes in a different color, creating a rainbow effect.
  • Customizable speed: You can adjust the speed of the slider to suit your website’s flow.
  • Mobile responsiveness: The widget is designed to look great and function smoothly on all devices.

16: Google reviews widget with Search by Keyword filters

With the help of AI, this widget will show the most used keywords in the reviews and show them at the top of the widget as filters.

This is great for potential customers to see the sentiment of previous customers’ experiences and filter topical reviews to explore further.

Searching Google reviews by keywords will help increase transparency and trust and impact towards a positive reputation.

Here is an example:

Google reviews widget with search by keyword filter
See demo

How to Embed Google reviews widget on your website?

EmbedSocial is a third-party platform with official integration with Google, making displaying Google reviews fast and easy.

To get started and embed Google Reviews widget, go to the Google Reviews widgets library powered by EmbedSocial and follow these steps:

Step 1: Click Use template, register, and activate a trial

Step 2: In the editor, click Connect source to connect to your Google My Business and pull your Google location reviews

Step 3: Use the left-hand settings panel to customize the widget further

Step 4: Copy and paste the provided Google Reviews widget code.

Reviews widget code

Note that to embed the Google reviews widget, you can paste the javascript code into the HTML code of your website, or if you use WordPress, you can use both the JavaScript code or a special shortcode that is a smaller version of the main code and can be used in WordPress shortcode block once you install the EmbedSocial reviews plugin for WordPress.

Detailed guide on how to embed Google reviews >

Here you will find all details how to embed the code on any website builder and also how to create a free Google reviews widget.

Further reading

Benefits of having a Google review widget on your website

In case you are wondering why Google reviews are important, we summarized several benefits for both, why you should collect Google business reviews on your Google Maps and why embedding Google reviews widget is important for your conversion rates:

If you embed a Google reviews widget on a web page, you will get a higher chance of getting listed in Google search results when people are looking for your brand or similar services.

Enhanced credibility and social proof

Showing off customer testimonials and ratings instantly adds credibility to your website, helping to establish trust with visitors. Google Places reviews provide potential customers with insights into your business because these are real reviews that a brand can not actually manipulate.

Get more leads and sales from your website visitors

This is one of the biggest benefits, as people who browse your website and are keen to make a purchase decision will get higher trust when they are able to read and learn from previous customers.

Valuable insights

By embedding Google reviews, you can gain valuable insights into what customers think about your business and services. This allows you to take action and make any necessary changes to improve customer experience.

Engagement opportunities to get more reviews

The review widgets usually contain links to leave a review directly on Google or in a custom form. Encouraging customers to leave reviews provides helpful feedback and creates an opportunity for engagement where customers can follow up on their experiences or give additional customer feedback.

Embed Google review rich snippets

Get Google stars in search

Embedding the Google reviews widget on your site is one of the best ways to get a review-rich snippet that will appear as aggregated rating stars for your page’s search results.

A rich snippet is included as an additional option when you create a Google reviews widget in EmbedReviews.

To access the scheme code that will display aggregated rating stars along the search result, follow these steps:

Step 1: When in the widget editor, click on the Schema tab

Step 2: Copy the schema code with a click on the ‘Copy Code’ button as shown below:

copy schema code for Google stars search snippet

Step 3: Embed the code at the top of your page where you have embedded the widget code

That’s it.

How to get Google stars aggregated reviews snippet >

Further reading

Customize your Google reviews widget

In the EmbedSocial platform, you will find one of the most robust widget editors on the market with tons of Google reviews widget features.

Complex yet very easy to use, it provides options for advanced web developers and also for small businesses who can click a few buttons and embed Google reviews in seconds.

Here are some of the available customizations:

General customization

General settings for reviews widgets
  • Show widget on the website
  • Show widget on mobile
  • Auto-add new posts
  • Activate Google Analytics
  • Widget language
  • Change widget font
  • Setup email alerts for new reviews
  • Setup Slack alerts for new reviews.

Layout customization

customize reviews widget layout
  • Change Layout Style: Grid, Slider, Popup, or Badge
  • Choose a widget theme, Light or Dark, Colors fonts
  • Activate Vertical autoplay
  • Define Feed columns on Desktop and columns on mobile
  • Define Slider autoplay interval
  • Choose the type of Navigation: Load More or Pagination.
  • Change Load more button text.

Reviews card customization settings

reviews card customization settings

The main setting is the Card Styles setting – which enables users to change the overall look of the review card. The style usually activates a few settings so you can quickly get to an appealing look of the card – and don’t spend time clicking through the widget settings.

  • Option to Turn on/off card elements like Date, Source logo, Avatar, Review text, etc.
  • RatingStars color
  • Define the appearance of the Reviewer’s Name: Full name, First name, and Hide the name
  • Card background color
  • Corner radius of the review box
  • Define box link: To open in lightbox or Original source
  • Define clicks in Lightbox: None or Original sources
  • Define Lightbox direction: Horizontal or Vertica
  • Option to select the images to appear in better image quality

This is unique to the EmbedSocial platform, enabling you to embed Google reviews with CTA buttons like Buy Now, Go to Checkout, Add to Cart, etc., which will help you sell the product mentioned in the review immediately.

It also helps potential customers because they won’t need to browse the website to find the product; rather, they will click on the button in the review box and buy the product on the link you provide.

Here is how to add links or buttons to your reviews.

Step 1: Navigate to the Links tab and click Add CTA on each review that you want to add a link.

Add buy buttons on Google reviews widget

Step 2: Write the product name, add the link to check out, and add the price.

Shoppable reviews

Once you save the links, the CTA buttons will appear inside each card in the widget.

Frequently asked questions about Google reviews widgets

Why do I need Google Reviews?

Like Facebook, Google reviews are among the best online reviews you can collect on your Google Place. It is a pure format of user-generated content shared by past customers to help you boost your brand reputation, gain trust, and increase sales. Finally, Google Place reviews will help you get found when people browse locally, and based on the algorithm, the businesses that have better reviews rank higher in the Google Maps app.

Why use Google Reviews Widget on your website?

Embedded Google reviews widget is one of the best practices of businesses to display fresh reviews on their websites, gain trust, and help potential customers make faster purchasing decisions.

How to get more reviews on Google My Business

One of the simplest ways is to add the link to your Google business page in all communication mediums with your customers. Send them emails requesting reviews, add a ‘Leave a Review’ widget to your website, and similar.

How does the Google reviews widget work?

The EmbedReviews Google review widget works with the help of an official integration with the Google Reviews API. It integrates seamlessly, which enables in just a few clicks to connect with your Google Business Profile, aggregate, and add Google reviews on your website.

Can I display these Google reviews widgets in Content management systems?

Yes, the javascript code works in most CMS, website builders, and eCommerce platforms. You can display the Google business reviews widget on a Squarespace website or a WordPress website.

Can I embed aggregated rating Google review badges?

EmbedReviews also allows you to easily embed Google reviews badges that automatically update the rating each time you get new reviews.

How to embed free google reviews widget?

To create a free Google reviews widget, the EmbedSOcial platform provides an option to manually import the reviews and create a dynamic slider for your website.

Key takeaways

Social proof and reviews widgets are some of the best website widgets to show evidence of the success of your product and services.

You probably already collect reviews and know how to display reviews on your website. But if you want even more fresh reviews on your website that will auto-sync and attract customer feedback more authentically, consider having a Google reviews widget.

EmbedSocial is one of the best review platforms to help you aggregate your Google Maps reviews and show the latest reviews from satisfied customers on your online store or service website.

FYI: You can automatically embed Google reviews widget on your website and show authentic user-generated reviews, increasing trust for more sales. Try it now.


Embed Google Reviews in seconds.

Automatically generate and embed Google reviews and use AI reviews management tools to help you unlock your website’s sales potential.

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