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You may spend a lot of time tweeting about your brand, engaging and building a loyal Twitter following base, but let’s face it – not all of your customers are on Twitter.

Some of them will never have the opportunity to discover the useful content you share on this network.

The fastest and the most efficient way to maximize your efforts and improve your brand awareness without additional work is to display a Twitter widget on your website.

Lucky for you, we developed tools like EmbedAlbums that can effortlessly collect all your Twitter posts that go under specific public posts and hashtags.

Extend your Twitter performance to your website with a simple and responsive widget that will help you reach new audiences and followers.

twitter album widget

The benefits of showing Twitter photos on your website

  • Presents your marketing campaigns in a modern and familiar way
  • Up-levels visitor engagement and grow customer trust
  • Boosts brand exposure to new audiences
  • Promotes your Twitter account and convert website visitors into followers

Embed your Twitter photos in a variety of layouts

We offer you 10 custom layouts that can boost your interactive experience with users both on mobile and desktop.

Pick the layouts that fit your website best, play around with the album name, font, and colors. Order your media appearance, choose the autoplay option to trigger attention, or provide visitors with the lightbox experience.

The best part? Connect the widget to Google Analytics and follow up on your progress.

Custom CSS editor for your Twitter album widget

The widget design does not fit your website? Problem solved!

Personalize the interface of your widget with our simple Custom CSS editor. All you need is a basic CSS knowledge and a dose of creativity.

Can’t find your way around CSS editing?

Contact us in the chat bubble below and we'll go all the way to help you create the widget your visitors deserve to see.

How to embed a Twitter photo album on my website?

EmbedAlbum can help generate photos from Twitter account and a particular Twitter hashtag and create an album that you can embed on any website. Here is how to do this:

No coding and no need to hire a developer – our fully customizable widgets ensure an easy setup to save your effort and money. Just follow the steps:

  1. Start your free trial for EmbedAlbum
  2. Enter twitter hashtag or a twitter username from where you want the system to generate the photos for the album
  3. Select a layout and explore the settings and design options
  4. Copy and paste the code in the body section of your website to display your Twitter widget

*Please note that only photos from public user profiles are supported.

Multiple Twitter album widgets for multiple website

EmbedAlbum is a ready-to-go solution for businesses with several branches,
and agencies that serve different domains.

This means that you can display a Twitter photo widget on every website you have using the same EmbedAlbum account.

How to embed Twitter photo album on WordPress?

With a tool like EmbedAlbums, it has never been easier to enhance your Twitter activity on a WordPress website.

Start by curating your desired widget and then, just copy and paste the shortcode in the HTML section where you want the Twitter widget to appear.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy all the traction your website will get (backed up with data).

To get started, go ahead download our official WordPress plugin.

Need help?

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