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Generate and embed Twitter feed widgets on any website
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Use the EmbedSocial platform to generate Twitter feeds from your account, feeds that mention your account, or feed from a certain hashtag.

No coding skills are required. Just specify your Twitter source and our system aggregator will generate the feed with Twitter posts. All this, in seconds and hands-free.

And the best, EmbedSocial provides a simple code that once embedded on your website will sync the feed, automatically.

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Use 10+ ready-made social media widgets

Make Twitter feeds that can fit each critical point on your website. Use the best layouts like masonry, carousels, or grids.

For your homepage, you might want to showcase Twitter photos of public tweets by others who mentioned your business. And possibly use the slider or carousel option.

For other sections, you might want to use the grid or masonry layouts that will embed an entire social media wall with your Twitter posts.

Your embedded timeline will empower the user experience for your Twitter followers and potential customers.

Custom feed builder

EmbedSocial provides various customization options and has an in-built CSS builder that gives you the entire freedom to edit and change the design of your Twitter feed.

Position your custom Twitter timeline widget in the best way to accomplish a great interactive experience with your users.

You can still use the provided templates but overwrite their styles to fit your website layout and branding design.

The benefits of a Twitter Feed on your website

  • Boosts engagement and increases time on site
  • Promotion of your Twitter account without having to leave your website
  • Turn website visitors into followers
  • Adds social media proof and trust to your brand

How to generate and embed Twitter feed?

Follow these easy step by step instructions to start aggregating Twitter posts and feeds with EmbedSocial:

  1. Start a trial and register to EmbedSocial
  2. Sign in with your Twitter account or Twitter username to connect with our platform
  3. Choose which type of Twitter source of posts you want to connect (hashtag, mentions, or your Twitter profile)
  4. Customize the widget or moderate the Twitter posts if needed
  5. Copy/paste the HTML code and embed code to display the Twitter feed on your webpage

How to embed Twitter Widget on a WordPress website?

EmbedSocial works for any CMS or website. And if your website is running on WordPress specifically, we’ve got you covered with a native plugin! With this plugin, you can easily embed a Twitter widget using only a shortcode. Here are the steps: 

  1. To get started, simply sign up for a free trial account on EmbedSocial
  2. Download the WordPress plugin or install it directly from the Plugin directory 
  3. Activate the plugin in your WordPress dashboard
  4. Once it is active, just go back to your EmbedSocial twitter widget and copy the provided shortcodes
  5. And paste it into the shortcode block in your WordPress page that will display your Twitter widget 

For more details, click the tutorial link below for detailed setup steps.

Tutorial: how to embed a social media feed in WordPress.

Create multiple Twitter widgets for multiple websites

Want to use the same EmbedSocial account for more websites or more widgets? No problem!

The system is flexible and allows you to create as many widgets as you need without limitations where you want to embed them, or on how many websites.

This is perfect for agencies or multi-location brands that might have different Twitter accounts or hashtags that want to follow and generate Twitter widgets accordingly.

Have full control. Auto or manual moderation

Set your web embedded feed to auto sync with Twitter and work as a live Twitter feed, based on the parameters you’ve set, such as date, specific keyword, or posts type.

The API integration enables you to make the wanted collection of tweets and retweets based on hashtags. And EmbedSocial provides multiple display options to display tweets and allows you to create custom Twitter feeds for your widget area.

Additionally, you can set off the auto-sync option and take control of manually hand-picking the posts you want to be displayed on your website.

You can change their order based on newest to oldest or reverse, and use priority or pin options to define which posts will show first.

Twitter feed widget additional features

  • Customize your feed title on your website
  • Localization options – change the language of your feed
  • Posts type – Image and Video or only text
  • Order them by date: Latest tweets or oldest tweets
  • Add custom Call To Action button to all posts or single post
  • Turn on or off automatically adding new media
  • Filter posts by a keyword or negative keyword
  • Enable Google Analytics tracking of the feed
  • Multiple layout options
  • Pick a custom number of displayed posts
  • Add padding and pagination
  • Option to insert a “Load More” button
  • Option to show or hide captions of the posts
  • Title font size
  • Adding Custom CSS to your Twitter widget

Twitter widgets applicability

Web social walls, event walls, or hashtag campaigns.

Use Twitter feeds to display social proof and increase engagement around your events or marketing campaigns.

Hashtags are perfect to reach more people about your company's activities and EmbedSocial is here to catch all those posts published with your branded hashtag.

Once stored, you can reuse that user-generated content to showcase a Twitter timeline on your website on the social wall page, a specific event, or a campaign page.

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