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Create a web-based social media wall that includes user-generated photos from multiple hashtags posted on Twitter and Instagram.

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Use the simple option to turn on a moderation of the public feed, that will only show the hashtag photos that you will manually choose in your account.
Custom CSS
A useful feature that allows you to have a design can fit any website color, layout, and branding. You can provide the style or just send us what you want and we will make the adjustments.
You have the flexibility to control various things in the feed such as the number of photos per page, the transition length in slideshows, sho photos in lightbox mode and many more options.
Auto update
If you choose not to enable moderation, everytime a new photo is uploaded for the specific feed, the system will automatically refresh it and display it on the website.
Mobile Friendly
Add one simple line of code and just set it and forget it. Our codes work with any website builder and platform, the feeds are responsive and mobile friendly.
premium feature

Make your Hashtag campaign Shoppable

  • Add a call to action buttons on the photos displayed in the feed, and provide your website visitors with an option to buy the products showed in the hashtag feed.

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