Customer Reviews for Nightclubs

Nightclubs are very specific businesses and can be very competitive.

The owners and marketing teams working on the nightclub customer acquisition strategy need differentiators that will maintain a satisfied audience that will regularly want to visit them.

They have to plan ahead and maintain their uniqueness when catering to existing and future customers. Music choice, booked artists, location, interior, friendliness of staff, quality of drinks are some of the nightclub’s specific activities they have to focus on if they are going to be successful.

On top that they have to take care of another key metric that can make or break their business volume. It is related to their ONLINE SOCIAL AUTHORITY.

If you are in this business, you’re probably aware that most of your customers are searching Facebook for events, usually looking at events by selecting events near you or events by location. What happens next is they look at your nightclub Facebook Page and check two things.

First, they look at the Page social media activity associated with the number of events, posts, pictures, the engagement & love they receive from your followers.

The second key decision factor is reviews. They are interested in the experience of other people who already visited your nightclub, so reading the comments brings expectations and imagination making them excited to visit the venue.

Maintaining a high social authority requires a fast response rate and management of both positive and negative reviews. Luckily, our EmbedReviews was built exactly for this. If you want to maintain high social authority they have to focus on their REVIEWS.

If you want to maintain high social authority you have to focus on your customers’ REVIEWS.

Introducing EmbedReviews

Customer loyalty is one of these key differentiators and therefore customer reviews for nightclubs are an essential strategy ‘to be or not to be’ the winner in this business.
That is why we at EmbedReviews focus on bringing the latest innovations in customer reviews and provide tools that can help you to get the most out of them.
Let’s face it. Your customers are on Facebook and if you want to make in this transparent world you will need to accept reviews.

Here are the main benefits that you can get from your online reputation strategy.

  • Boost transparency and trust with Facebook reviews – Millennials all over social media and you have to adapt. Nightclubs especially need to engage on Facebook, primarily because their main audience is actively using this social media network. They are more and more searching Facebook for planning their nightlife and they will come across your Facebook page reviews section. We suggest that you maintain it and make sure you never miss to respond to each review – no matter if it is negative or positive. Your engagement with the reviewers will help you to increase the transparency and trust in the quality of your services.
  • Boost SEO with customer reviews – In case you have a website you can double the effect of your current SEO strategy. Once you collect your reviews you need to embed them on your website. The website customer testimonial widget can help you to boost the SEO and the search rankings, as your customer may post keywords that are highly relevant for the search queries.
  • Increase visibility of your Facebook page in search results – People search for nightclubs and Facebook has the biggest domain authority to get the highest positions in the search results. Google can make it happen by listing your Facebook page and displaying the number of stars on your Facebook page. The stars can make your profile stand out and result in increased clicks to your nightclub Facebook page.
  • Never miss responding to a Facebook review – Use the unique functionality in EmbedReviews and set up an auto-responder. You can specify a thank – you text message that will respond immediately to a review. You can use the autoresponder to encourage reviewers to post a review and set up a link or a promo code that they will get in the comment below the review.

What can you do with EmbedReviews?

  • Get all reviews from your Facebook page
  • Generate list of all the reviewers
  • Auto-respond to each review with a photo or text
  • Embed the Facebook reviews on your website
  • Customize the reviews web widget and showcase it as a grid, list or a slider
  • Learn more features 

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