Comparison: Flockler vs. EmbedSocial

Choose the best social media aggregator for your needs

Are you looking for a new and powerful social media aggregator? You’ve come to the right place. We believe in building trust and transparency and want to help you make the best decision for your needs. 

Social media aggregators are specialized software solutions that have direct API integrations with the main social media networks in order to provide users with an option to collect and display their social media content on their websites.

To make it easier for comparing the other solutions with EmbedSocial, we’ve created comparison tables so you can make your own choice. Hope this helps.

Affordable Flockler alternative

PRO versions comparison by Flockler and EmbedSocial’s social media aggregator.

Features Flockler EmbedSocial
Mobile-friendly (android and ios)
Customer support with a dedicated support team
All major social media networks
Custom posts
Integrations *
API access
Shoppable feeds
Team accounts
Free version
Pricing $57 $29
*Such as WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify

UGC & Social media aggregation

User-generated content is one of the most powerful tools to build trust and loyalty.
Nowadays, all major customer purchasing decisions happen online, and more than 40% are due to previous customer reviews and social media recommendations.

That said, the demand for UGC software solutions has increased. The market is already saturated with great platforms that can help businesses collect, curate, and display user-generated content across their marketing platforms.

One of the most common UGS use cases is the possibility of gathering and displaying social media feeds on businesses’ websites to provide social proof and evidence for their products. And you can do this automatically with social media aggregators.

What is a social media aggregator?

Social media aggregators are software products that directly integrate with the major social media networks and allow brands to create social media widgets with their content or other users’ content (content they published with a brand’s mention or particular hashtag).

The most common social media channels provided as sources of social media content are: Tweets from Twitter posts, posts published in an Instagram hashtag campaign, photo albums from Facebook pages, LinkedIn recommendations, sometimes but really RSS feeds from brands blogs, and similar.

What are the benefits of using social media aggregators?

Here is how an embedded socialfeed can make your life easier:

  • Monitor social media from one place – Never miss a mention on social media about your brand. Your content will be stored in one dashboard where you will have the opportunity to sort, browse, analyze, respond, etc.
  • Save time for web content updates with automated feeds – the integrations with social media networks allow your widgets to sync automatically which means the moment you post on the synced profiles the feed will update in real-time on your website.
  • Discover powerful user-generated content for your content marketing – users constantly mention and talk about their experiences with brands and businesses. This content is genuine and authentic that every marketer needs to discover and incorporate into their marketing. Social media aggregators can help to do this fast and easily.
  • Drive conversions with interactive web widgets – the options to embed social media walls on your website create an opportunity to engage more with web visitors, reach more people with your social media content, and eventually provide proof that will increase conversion rates and boost your revenue. There are a variety of grid or carousel templates that you can choose from that will perfectly fit your website.
  • Simple Integrations with web builders -marketers won’t need any coding skills to implement and use the widgets on their websites. Most of the platforms provide apps and plugins that work with major web builders, such as WordPress, Shopify, Wix, PageCloud, etc.

Now once you understand the need for social media aggregator, you can compare and choose the right solution for your needs.

As we mentioned there are few solutions from simple widgets to big platforms and most of them claim that they are the best social media aggregators on the market.

But, in our opinion, you should look into the details, get demos or free trials, and decide what best will fit YOUR needs.

That said, we believe that EmbedSocial works for most of the use-cases, has advanced but simple to use features set, and available pricing points that fin any business need.

Why you should pick EmbedSocial?

Here are 10 reasons why EmbedSocial is the best alternative to the Flockler social media widget:

  1. Founders of a Facebook Marketing Partner with 10 years of experience in working with official social media APIs 
  2. Unlimited number of social media widgets
  3. Unlimited hashtag campaigns
  4. Optimized for high speed, and fast loading
  5. Works with any web builder, or eCommerce platform
  6. No limits in page views
  7. No charges and limits for multiple team accounts 
  8. Constant updates with new sources and new layouts
  9. Quick response to customer requests and fast implementation
  10. Dedicated customer success team

Sounds great!? Choose your plan below to try EmbedSocial or learn more.