How Seven Sons improved the trust for their products by automatically displaying customer testimonials from their Google Location page

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Brooks Hitzfield

COO of Distribution

"The experience with EmbedSocial has been amazing. We're always looking for ways to leverage our time, so finding a product to keep our reviews fresh automatically was a no-brainer."

Yes, the name says it all – they are 7 Sons :). We talked with one of the folks that make it all happen, Brooks Hitzfield (the 5th Son), who works as the Chief operating officer of Distribution.

Their company has been using EmbedReviews to show user-generated content written from happy customers on their Google Мy Бusiness listing that have tried their GMO-free products.

About Seven Sons

Seven Sons is a regenerative pasture-based farm that helps busy and informed consumers access safe and ethical foods they can eat with confidence. Their goal is to provide the peace of mind that comes from having a direct relationship with a farmer you can know and trust.

Their product catalog includes 100% grass-fed beef, pasture-raised eggs, pork, poultry, and organic groceries.

The biggest challenge they are facing is building awareness without a venture-funded advertising budget. This is why they are focused on competing with retention marketing.

EmbedReviews help them achieve their main goal – provide convenient access to ethically raised proteins to as many consumers as possible. They are on a 5-year target to sell 10,000,000 pounds of product by 2023 and rely on social proof to achieve this.

Check out Seven Sons products here.

The Awareness

“The main challenge is to keep the reviews up-to-date. Because it's hard to establish trust online when anyone can tell you haven't updated your reviews in 6+ months.”

Q: In your experience, what is the biggest benefit to showcase customers' reviews on your website?

People are not used to buying perishables online, so any social proof we can provide from past customer experiences is critical to helping them move forward.

Q: Do customer reviews influence your conversion rates?

This has been difficult to measure. We know they do!

Q: Where do customers mostly leave reviews for your business?

Google Location

Q: How do you handle negative reviews?

By asking if there's anything we can do to make things right. We are fortunate to serve an amazing market, so as long as we do our job well, negative reviews are rare 🙂

The Solution

“The usability of Embed Social is fantastic! You know they focus heavily on UI when you don't have to read a single support article to figure out how to get the feed embedded”.

Q: Why have you decided to try EmbedReviews and how is your experience so far?

The experience has been amazing. We're always looking for ways to leverage our time, so finding a product to keep reviews fresh automatically was a no-brainer.

Q: How have you benefited from using our product?

Keeping the reviews fresh helps those who visit 2-7 times before the first purchase have more confidence in moving forward.

seven sons reviews

Q: What have you learned from working with us?

We've always known social proof is a critical piece to doing business online well. What we didn't know is that managing that social proof could be super easy!

Q: Do you need specific additional functionality from EmbedReviews?

I don't think so! Keep up the good work!

The Outcome

“Social proof is too critical to your business not to keep it updated. But your time is too critical to spend hours/months updating testimonies & reviews. Embed Social solves both problems. :)”

Brooks Hitzfield

COO of Distribution

EmbedSocial Nevrie Customer Success Manager

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