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In this tutorial, I will show you how to display or embed Facebook reviews in your Weebly website.

It is a simple 3 clicks process and will take just a few seconds.

Sо, here are the steps how to embed Facebook reviews in Weebly by using the EmbedReviews tool:

  1. Log in to your Weebly account, navigate to Website from the left menu and go to the Edit section
    Embed Facebook reviews in Weebly website


  2. From the left side choose the Embed code option and Drag it to the section in the editor where you want the Facebook reviews to display:
    Display album from Facebook page in Weebly


  3. Click on “Click to add custom HTML” field:
    Step 3 display Facebook album in Weebly
  4. Click the Edit Custom Code button
    Step 4 to embed facebook album in Weebly
  5. Select and paste the EmbedReviews code
    Paste EmbedReviews code in Weebly

    (if still don’t know how to get a EmbedReviews code, follow this tutorial)


  6. That’s it, the Facebook reviews will immediately appear in the Weebly website:
    Display Facebook reviews


Here is are the Facebook page reviews that I just embed in Weebly:
EmbedReviews integration with Weebly example >>>

Hope you will find this tutorial useful and will help you to save time in managing your website galleries while displaying photos from your Facebook page in seconds.

What else can EmbedReviews do for you?

EmbedReviews is a full-featured product for managing online reputation.

It goes beyond a simple integration and offers the following options:

  • Generate and display Google reviews
  • Generate and display Yelp reviews
  • Generate and display reviews from custom sources
  • Collect reviews directly on your website
  • Options to manually oderate and filleter rivews based on keyword or number of rating stars
  • Embed Badges with your page or location avarage rating from Facebook or Google
  • Variety of customization options, templates, slideshows and carousels – [DEMO]
  • Review feeds automatically sync every time your customers post a review on your Facebook page

How to get started with EmbedReviews?

If you still have not signed up for EmbedReviews, I suggest you give it a try.

Sign up for a free trial and test the EmbedReviews superpowers, right now.

We are always looking for new ways to improve and build on top of our platform, so I urge you to chat with us and share your thoughts.

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