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This tool can aggregate your social media feeds and help you to embed them into your website.

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Start with one line of code

With the EmbedSocial Facebook Feed plugin, you are able to embed your Facebook Page Feed on your website with a single line of code. You do not need to use a custom development and fail to update the latest options from the Facebook API. Our team is dedicated to implementing all the changes in the Facebook platform so you or your website developers won’t need to maintain the Facebook Feed.
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How It Works

EmbedFeed is a social media feed aggregator tool, so user-friendly, you will only need you to embed one line of code in the HTML body tag of your blog post or website page.
  • Import the Facebook Feed in your account
  • Get the embeddable code and paste it into your website
  • Customize your Facebook Feed
Use variety of settings to style your Facebook Feed according to your website design
Multiple websites
You can create feeds and display them on multiple websites
Hashtag Feeds
Add multiple Instagram hashtags to create feeds from multiple sources.
Auto Sync
Fully responsive, fits on every display: tablet, mobile or desktop
Combo Feed
Create combo feed by merging Facebook and Instagram feeds
WordPress & Joomla
Offical plugins for WordPress and Joomla are available

Seamless integration with the apps you love to use.
Just copy-paste and you are ready to go

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