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EmbedReviews helps Plutio provide trust and social proof to increase conversions on their website

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Leo Bassam
Founder Plutio
"Our experience with EmbedReviews is amazing"
The story

About Plutio

Plutio is an all-in-one business management platform for freelancers and small businesses.

Plutio was born out of frustration by the founder Leo who was working on freelance projects and trying to run his freelance business using multiple apps.

Plutio brings everything you will ever need to manage your business in one intuitive and deeply customizable platform.

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We had a chance to chat with Leo and his unique approach to satisfy, retain and acquire new customers by embracing the power of their voice. His awareness of this fortune of having satisfied customers is reflected everywhere on Plutio’s website and social media by showcasing customer reviews and feedback.

the awareness

"Online reviews for Plutio are extremely important"

Leo is an extraordinary founder and has recognized that social validation works in a fantastic way to increase conversion rates.

As you can see in the post shared on social media, the small change of displaying the number of reviews actually drives greater CTRs of the main call to action on Plutio’s website. And therefore effects their conversions.

The Solution

"Being able to pull online reviews from different directories"

This awareness for listening, generating and displaying customers’ feedback has led Leo to fully utilize the online reputation management technology by EmbedReviews.

EmbedReviews helps Plutio to connect with their Facebook Page and collect all the reviews in real time. Furthermore, EmbedReviews provides a native tool to generate reviews directly on Pluto’s website, giving customers a gate to easily provide their feedback and their opinion. In the future, together with Plutio the EmbedReviews is preparing to provide more connections and syncs with other directories to help Plutio collect every single customer review.

Click here to see the entire Customers Page on Plutio’s website, build with EmbedReviews or check the screenshots below to see how Plutio is using the embeddable widgets to display customer reviews in real time on their website.

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The Outcome

"Showcasing customer reviews on our website help increase conversion. "

Leo Bassam
Founder at Plutio

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