Announcing the EmbedAlbum WordPress Plugin

Remember when we told you that we still haven’t reached the final point in developing our social media EmbedAlbum Plugin. Well, we weren’t lying 🙂

We’ve spent the last two months processing the feedback and finding new ways to make the social media EmbedAlbum your go-to plugin for visual content.

You’re probably wondering what did it come out of it, right?

Since our Product Hunt launch, we’ve come a long way; our clients are now able to embed albums both from their Facebook and Instagram accounts with a single code and entirely customize them to their own wishes.

But that whole “coding” part was not really adding up; our clients wanted a more simplified way, a completely no-programming experience while embedding their visuals.

And that’s how the Embed Album WordPress Plugin was created.

Now, EmbedAlbum will give you the same user experience as any other WordPress plugin
That means no more code changing on your website, just the same old simple copy/paste.

Here is how to get the plugin:

  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Download the plugin from our platform
  3. Upload it and activate it to your WordPress site
  4. Copy paste the short codes in your page/post

Check the quick tutorial below:

Yes it’s that simple 🙂

An important thing to mention is that the short codes apply to every feature our platform offers:

What are the main benefits?

Beside entirely eliminating the “coding” part, you also get:

We are looking forward to your very appreciated feedback, so, enough reading for today, the plugin is available for download in the EmbedAlbum platform. Or if you’re not familiar with the platform, you can always sign up for a 14 days free trial.