How to Create a Testimonial Wall of Love and Embed on a Website?

Discover how to create a Wall of Love page for your brand, showcasing genuine testimonials and feedback.

Create wall of love page with the customer's testimonials

Before diving into the depths of this guide, let’s first clarify what exactly a ‘Wall of Love’ page is. The term might immediately evoke images of the iconic “Wall of Love” installment in Paris, where visitors worldwide leave messages of love in various languages. Just as this Parisian wall captures the heartfelt impressions of its visitors, the digital Wall of Love for businesses serves a similar purpose.

Let’s dive into details on how to use a wall of love to showcase social proof and how to create and embed a wall of love on your website.


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What is a ‘Wall of Love’ for your website?

Embed wall of love on your website with your customers testimonials

The “Wall of Love” is a dedicated section, often found on a company’s website, where authentic testimonials, reviews, and feedback from satisfied consumers are prominently displayed. It serves as a visual testament to customers’ positive experiences and interactions with a brand, product, or service. Here’s a more detailed description:

Appearance and design:

  • Layout: The Wall of Love can be designed as a grid, a carousel slider, or even a masonry layout, depending on the website’s design aesthetics.

  • Visual Elements: Each testimonial can be accompanied by a photo of the client (if they’ve provided one), making the feedback more personal and relatable to the website. Some walls also include star ratings, product images, or even short video testimonials.

  • Interactive features: Some Walls of Love are interactive, allowing visitors to filter reviews by product, service, or rating. They might also feature a search bar for visitors to find specific feedback or keywords.

  • AI summary card: the summary of the reviews is an amazing option provided by the EmbedReviews widgets, which actually aggregates one review card from all reviews in the widget. This saves time for people to read only one card and get insight into the customers’ sentiments instead of browsing through all the testimonials.

Type of content:

  • Written testimonials: These are the heart of the Wall of Love. Genuine written feedback from customers, ranging from a few words of praise to detailed reviews describing their experience.

  • Images: Customers might share photos of themselves using the product, which can be especially impactful for businesses selling tangible goods, like fashion or tech products.

  • Video testimonials: Short video testimonial clips where customers talk about their positive experiences can be incredibly impactful, adding a layer of authenticity.

  • Social media mentions: Some Walls of Love incorporates positive mentions from social media platforms, embedding tweets or Instagram posts where customers have praised the brand or product.

  • Ratings and reviews: Alongside written testimonials, customers might provide a star rating, giving a quick visual indicator of their satisfaction level.

The Wall of Love is a curated web collection of positive feedback that combines testimonials with text only, pictures or videos with genuine customer experiences.

Drawing inspiration from the original concept, this new-age digital Wall of Love showcases love, trust, and customer satisfaction, making it an essential feature for every business.

Tools to create your ‘Wall of Love’ page

EmbedReviews offers versions for small businesses to use and show their customers love.

Here are the details:

Option 1: Dedicated ‘Wall of Love’ URL

Every user creating an account will get their dedicated www.embedsocial/reviews/yourbusiness page.

On this reviews page, you can display all reviews in one place, hosted on the domain.

See the reviews page demo >

reviews page by EmbedSocial

Here is how to create the reviews page:

Step 1: Log in to EmbedReviews and visit My profile

Step 2: In the reviews page area, click the ON button

Step 3: The page will be automatically created, and you will get your on-reviews page URL

If you need to have your Wall of Love on your domain, use the option below.

Option 2: ‘Wall of Love’ widget to embed on any page

This option is more flexible and allows users to get an embeddable widget and display the Wall of Love on the homepage or a separate page on their website.

The best thing about this widget is the ability to combine Facebook, Twitter, and Google reviews with the reviews collected through the review form in the widget.

Here are the steps to create and embed a Wall of Love page with EmbedReviews:

Step 1: Go to Sources and choose the source for your testimonials.

Step 2: Select the template – slider, carousel, grid, or masonry.

Step 3: In the editor, use the customization settings to customize the widget and select the best testimonials from the Moderation tab.

Step 4: In the Embed tab, click Copy code to get the widget’s code.

Reviews widget code

Step 5: Paste the widget code to your website’s HTML.

That’s it. Your Wall of Love widget will display in the area where you placed the code.

Examples of digital Walls of love with client testimonials

Below, we showcase a few examples with screenshots of our users’ Wall of Love designs:

1. Example #1: Wall of love with dark theme and AI summary

This example illustrates how Goldstein Tax Prep found a perfect place in the top menu to link to their Wall of Love. They also use an AI summary card that aggregates a reviews card with a summary of all the testimonials in the widget:

Dark Wall of love reviews page example

2. Example #2: Wall of love in slider layout

This is a great example by Little Way Farm of displaying testimonials in a slider format, including a button to open a form where other clients can submit their testimonials.

Example of wall of love widget as slider

2. Example #2: Wall of love for online classes and course

South Carolina Bail Agents Academy uses a Wall of love on its homepage to show the latest student testimonials about their online classes. The widget also includes call-to-action buttons, so potential new students can immediately click from inside the reviews and go to the registration page.

Example of a wall of love page for courses

7 benefits why you need to embed testimonial Wall of Love

The Wall of Love is not just a decorative feature on a website; it’s a powerful tool that can significantly impact a business’s success. Let’s delve deeper into its significance:

1. Instills confidence

A Wall of Love filled with positive testimonials and reviews can instill confidence in potential customers. It serves as a testament to the quality and reliability of your products or services.

Example: A potential customer, unsure about purchasing a product, stumbles upon the Wall of Love on a website. Reading genuine positive reviews from other customers can be the deciding factor, pushing them to make the purchase.

2. Brand irresistibility

Showcasing genuine love and customer appreciation can make your brand irresistible. It highlights your products or services’ positive impact on your customers’ lives.

Example: Apple, a tech giant, often showcases user testimonials and stories of how their products have impacted lives. This highlights the product’s features and makes the brand irresistible to potential buyers.

3. Team morale boost

Positive feedback and appreciation can significantly boost your team’s morale. It serves as a reminder of the value they bring and the difference they make.

Example: After launching its first product, a startup company creates a Wall of Love. As positive reviews pour in, the team’s morale is boosted, motivating them to work harder and innovate further.

4. Trust building

Trust is crucial to a customer’s decision-making process. A Wall of Love filled with genuine testimonials can significantly enhance the trustworthiness of your brand.

Example: Airbnb, a platform for booking accommodations, heavily relies on user reviews. When travelers read positive experiences from other users, it builds trust, making them more likely to book through the platform.

5. Enhanced customer engagement

Engaging with your customers and showcasing their feedback can increase brand loyalty and repeat business.

Example: A fashion brand encourages its customers to leave reviews and even share photos of them wearing the brand’s products. This provides testimonials and engages the customer community, leading to increased brand loyalty.

6. Collect more customer feedback

Constructive feedback is invaluable for any business. A Wall of Love can serve as a platform for receiving feedback, allowing businesses to refine and improve their offerings.

Example: A software company introduces a new feature and adds user testimonials to its Wall of Love. Among the praises, some users provide constructive feedback. The company uses this feedback to refine and improve the feature, showcasing its commitment to user satisfaction.

7. Sell more with your satisfied customers

The “Wall of Love” isn’t just a digital space for showcasing positive feedback; it’s a strategic tool that turns your satisfied customers into brand ambassadors.

For example, the EmbedReviews wall of love provides the option to add buttons within the review cards and help customers buy the product that is mentioned immediately through the link in the widget.

google reviews widget with links and buttons

In essence, the Wall of Love serves as a bridge between businesses and their customers. It’s a platform where genuine emotions, experiences, and feedback are shared, fostering a community of trust and mutual growth.

Getting started with Wall of Love Templates

To start now and build your first wall of love, use some of the following templates.

We have pre-built a few widget templates to help you have your wall of love page in seconds.

Key takeaways

In conclusion, the Wall of Love is the perfect place on a brand’s site or app to display genuine testimonials from satisfied clients.

When visitors come to your site, especially those directed from platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Google, they often look for proof of your brand’s quality and reliability before purchasing.

From pictures of happy customers using the product to videos illustrating positive testimonials, it offers tangible examples of what potential buyers can expect. As more businesses recognize the value of this feedback, we hope to see more websites incorporating this feature on their homepage, not just as a testament to their success but as a tool to win the trust of new customers.

Whether you’re looking to create a Wall of Love on a separate page or create fully custom testimonial widgets for your homepage, try the EmbedReviews or get support from our dedicated customer success team.


Collect reviews, feedback, and display testimonials widgets at scale!

Use complete reviews management software to generate and display Google reviews widgets on your website.

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FAQs about Wall of Love pages

Is the Wall of Love only for websites?

While commonly found on websites, the Wall of Love can also be integrated into apps, courses, or any digital platform where customer feedback is valuable.

How do I encourage customers to leave feedback on my Wall of Love?

You can create incentives for customers who leave feedback, such as discounts or giveaways. Additionally, sending post-purchase emails or notifications requesting feedback can be effective.

Explore incentivized reviews >

Is the Wall of Love similar to a review page on e-commerce websites?

While both showcase customer feedback, the Wall of Love is often more curated and visually appealing, focusing on positive experiences to build brand trust.

How do I handle negative testimonials?

While the Wall of Love primarily showcases positive feedback, addressing any negative feedback privately is essential, ensuring customer concerns are resolved. This approach maintains the integrity of the Wall while also providing excellent customer support.

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