What Are Instagram Broadcast Channels? Everything You Need To Know

Here is everything you need to know about the new Instagram Broadcast Channels.

Instagram Channels

After the success of Instagram Reels last year, now Mark Zuckerberg shared a new feature of the Instagram platform called Instagram Channels, which might be the main Instagram feature for 2023.

It is a new way for creators to build deeper connections with their audience.

And in this post, we will go into more detail to explain how it works, how to get to create an Instagram Channel, and the current features.

What is an Instagram Broadcast Channel?

Definition of Instagram channel
Instagram Broadcast Channel is a direct line from creators to followers. It is a new feature on Instagram that allows creators to create a new space where they can communicate directly with their followers by posting all their latest news and allowing fans to engage with reactions and in polls.

At first glance, it looks like the Clubhouse app or the Twitter spaces, which is now a very common option used by journalists, publications, and influencers to communicate via voice conversations on Twitter. Like people used to on the Radio (for those who remember those times 🙂

Here is what it looks like with an example of the Meta Channel:

Instagram broadcast channel example

Here are the main characteristics of the Instagram Channels:

  • Broadcast channels are public and like a one-to-many communication relationship, where
  • Creators can use broadcasts to inform and engage with their followers with photos, videos, voice messages, notes, etc.
  • The Instagram channels are available now to creators from the US, and they will be rolled out worldwide in the coming months
  • The followers can engage with the content and take part in the polls, with more features coming soon.

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The Benefits of The Instagram Broadcast Channels For Creators

The Instagram Channels promise the creators to use a new feature but in a familiar way. This means that they will not need to learn a new tool, but they will have their familiar direct messaging interface where they can spread information about their life, show behind the scenes, providing exclusive information, etc.

In summary, here are the benefits of why creators should try Instagram Channels

  • Build and interact with a community more directly
  • Quickly and easily share the latest information.
  • Get feedback

Here is an example of the type of messages that a Yoga instructor can share in their channel:

Yoga instructor Instagram broadcast channel

How to Join An Instagram Broadcast Channel?

Once you, as a creator, make a channel, there are a few ways to promote it.

First, you can share a Broadcast Channel sticker in your Stories, which will enable your fans the view your stories by clicking the Join broadcast button and immediately sign in.

And once you have a message that you send to the channel, they will receive a notification inviting them to check their DMs with the Channel’s message.

You can also manage the opt-in to the channel by navigating to the creator’s profile and on click on the top-right bell icon. You will see the turn on/off toggle from the dropdown that will help you turn off or turn on a broadcast channel.

how to join an Instagram channel

So in summary, here is how followers can join a channel:

Step 1: Go to the Instagram stories of your favorite creator and look for the broadcast sticker option

Step 2: Tap the ‘Join broadcast channel’ button (if a person is not following the creator, you will get a prompt to start following them)

Step 3: The broadcast channel will appear in your Instagram inbox next to the other message threads

Step 4: You will be able to vote on polls or react to the content but will not have the ability to comment and send messages.

Note: All followers of the creator will get a notification to join their channel and will get the notifications each time the channel has a new message.

Of course, if your font finds value, you can turn off the notifications and mute the channel. Or even leave the channel completely.

Get Early Access

At the moment, only handpicked creators have access to this option, and if you want to try it out, you can join the waiting list here. (just please click the link on mobile.)

To start joining channels, here is a list of creators who have broadcast channels on Instagram:

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