Instagram Nametag Feature: Everything You Need To Know

Instagram has just launched a new feature, Nametags. Nametags are a digital signature of the Instagram profiles, that when scanned have a direct link to the user's Instagram profile.


TechCrunch reported that this feature was in the making for several months now.

Nametags are a new way to connect with friends on Instagram.

It is a digital signature of the Instagram profiles, that when scanned have a direct link to the user’s Instagram profile.

If you are familiar with Snapchat’s snap codes or Facebook Messenger codes, you will easily catch up with the Instagram Nametag feature. 

Similar to QR code technology, this new feature allows users to scan a user-specific image that will automatically take people to your Instagram profile or allow them to follow you.

In the next few minutes, you will learn how to use this Instagram feature to gain new Instagram followers and potential customers.

Why do you need an Instagram Nametag?

By introducing Nametags as a new Instagram feature, the platform is giving users new options to share their profile links/presence beyond the Instagram app. So basically the main benefit for having your Instagram hashtags is to:

To let people easily find you and follow you on Instagram

How to find my Instagram Nametag?

To set up your own Nametag, just follow these steps:

  • Open your Instagram app and go to your profile
  • Tap on the top-right menu icon
  • Tap the first option ‘Nametag’

There you go.

In this section, you will see your Instagram nametag.

You can customize it, scan other nametags, or share yours with other people.

find instagram nametag

How to customize Nametags

Once you’ve created the Nametag just click the middle top icon where you have 3 options to customize the look of the nametag: choose between Color options, Selfie, Emoji.

instagram customize nametags

How to scan an Instagram Nametag

Open the Nametag section by taping the top right corner menu icon and select Nametag.

Once you are in the Nametag screen, just tap on the bottom link ‘Scan nametag’ and point your phone to a Nametag.

how to scan nametag

The app will recognize the Nametag, and immediately open a popup with the user’s Instagram profile and an option to follow him/her.

You can also scan a Nametag using the Instagram Stories camera:

  • Open the Instagram app and tap in the top left camera icon
  • Hover the camera over the nametag you want to scan
  • Hold and press on the camera screen until the nametag is captured

The best thing is that you can scan nametags from photos that you have on your phone’s camera roll.

To do this, just tap the top right-hand icon and choose the photo that has a nametag on it.

The app will immediately recognize it and will open the person’s profile with a ‘Follow’ button that you can click and start following this person.

scan from camera roll

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What you can do with the Instagram nametag in order to increase followers?

Using the Instagram Nametags in your marketing strategy is similar like using QR codes.

The simplest use of QR codes is when companies generate their website’s URLs in QR codes and print them as stickers on their shop windows or flyers. 

The idea is for brands to provide a direct offline link with their online presence, such as websites or social media profiles.

This will make it easier for Instagram users and potential customers to find the company website or any online activity that the company promotes as a link in the QR codes.

So, with Instagram Nametags you can do similar promotional activities. Here are some ideas:

  • Add the nametag photo on your website or blog
  • Print the Instagram nametag photo on your fliers, business cards, menus or any print collateral
  • Encourage attendees to scan your nametag during networking events
  • Ask influencers to promote your nametag image
  • Share the Nametag photo in your social media activities by tapping on the top right share button.

In short, the new Nametag feature will help you increase the exposure of your Instagram activities.

scan nametag

Please note: the Instagram Nametags are different than other QR codes and similar badges mostly because you can not scan them with other scanner apps. You will need to use the Instagram app to use its scan option (as explained above).

Hope this guide helps and provides you with new ideas on how to increase your Instagram following and make more exposure to your Instagram activities with the new nametag feature.

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