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A few weeks ago, I had the chance to chat with John Overall, a WordPress expert who runs the podcast WP Plugins A to Z and share our latest WordPress experience.

In more details, we talked about our platform and the WordPress integration that we recently published, the benefits provided by our EmbedAlbum plugin and our future plans. Tune in, listen and share 😉

Here is a short transcript of the interview:

John: Tell me a little bit about why did you guys create this? What was our experience for creating this plugin?

Me: We’ve got fed up to constantly upload photos on Facebook and to do the same in our blog posts, and by working with the Facebook platform we thought that there must be a way to sync the photos once uploaded on Facebook with our website.

John: Does your plugin runs through a third-party service?

Nikola: Yes, we have thought about it a lot and the best way to keep everything working smoothly is to run it through our service – because we can update the features easily and we don’t have to ask our customers to update or do anything …

To listen the full interview, click play below or go directly to iTunes:

If you are a WordPress developer or just need to follow the latest trends in the development of WordPress Plugins I will strongly recommend you to subscribe and listen to his podcasts.

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Thanks, John 🙂

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