New form fields: Fill in the blank + Table input + File upload

Build any form you need with fill in the blank, file upload or table input fields.

fill in the blank, table input, file upload field

From student quiz forms to test their learnings to job application forms to collect CVs, now EmbedForms gets powerful new form fields that will help you build any form you need. 

All these features are available right now and for free for all new and current users.

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Fill in the blank

fill in the blank field

The fill-in-the-blank questions are a great way to test knowledge on a variety of topics. They can be used to gauge understanding of basic concepts, to check for comprehension of more complex ideas, or to assess vocabulary acquisition. Additionally, these types of questions can be used in any subject area.

For example, they might be used to:

  • Solicit information when conducting surveys or social studies,
  • Quiz students on language learning courses,
  • Create forms as documents that you require your clients to fill in.

Table input field

table input form field

Do you ever feel like your feedback forms are cluttered and confusing?

If so, you may want to consider using table input fields. Table input fields are a great way to capture answers to multiple parameters related to the same question. 

For example, you could use a table input field to:

  • Gather information on customer satisfaction with multiple attributes of a new product,
  • Collect data on employee satisfaction with a new company policy.

Furthermore, having all the answers in one place makes it easier to see relationships and spot trends. Overall, using an input table is an efficient way to collect data from respondents.

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File upload field

file upload field

The file upload input field gives your respondents the ability to upload files to your forms, such as: .pdf, .docx, .csv and .doc. 

It is great to:

  • Create employee application forms and collect CVs,
  • Organize student essay competitions and collect their essays,
  • Create a blogger assessment form to ask bloggers to submit their blogs etc.

To access all these new fields, go to your form editor and just click to add a new question – where you will find the 3 new options.

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Hope you like these new improvements.

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