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About EmbedReviews

EmbedReviews is an advanced review management tool that helps you grow your customer reviews and acquire new buyers thanks to the power of reviews.

Collect, filter, and display your Google testimonials on your WordPress website in modern and fully customizable widgets and uplevel your local business or ecommerce.

With or without a WordPress plugin, using tools like EmbedReviews, you can now easily add your well deserved Google Reviews on your WordPress website.

Add your Google Places Reviews to your WordPress site and provide visitors with the quickest way to boost their’ trust in your brand and leverage your SEO efforts in just a few clicks!

Display your best reviews with a 5-star rating only, sort out the positive, and leave out the negative reviews on the bottom of the widget or hide them. It's up to you. And no matter if you have received short or long reviews, they will all fit perfectly in our review widgets.

Please note that with this WordPress plugin for Google Reviews, you can use a specific Schema code for WordPress that can auto-update for every new review you receive.

Benefits for WordPress websites

  • Show an instant social proof
  • Boost your search engine ranking
  • Show your product reviews in an engaging way
  • Improve the average time visitors spend on your website
  • Increase your conversion rate
  • Save the time of manually adding reviews
  • Encourage new reviews posting

Google Reviews Widget Features for WordPress

  • Variety of modern, mobile-responsive reviews widgets that fit any WordPress theme
  • Numerous customization options to craft a widget that will fit your branding
  • Option to link to your Google my business or open the reviews in popup
  • Custom CSS option to overwrite the entire style of the widget
  • Organize testimonials by tags, keywords, or number of star reviews
  • Display reviews with a specific star rating only or hand-pick positive reviews you want to be shown
  • Review Badges and ‘Leave a Review’ buttons that can be displayed on any page
  • Send a review request emails to customers
  • Email notifications every time you receive a new review
  • Respond to reviews directly from the EmbedReviews platform
  • Create Facebook Ads with your Google reviews
  • Aggregated code to show a star rating next to your website on Google
  • Export reviews data in a CSV format
  • Import reviews data to any CRM or email management system
  • Combo online reviews feed with reviews from Facebook reviews, Google places, Yelp reviews, etc.

How to embed Google Reviews on WordPress

We offer you 2 simple ways to display your Google Reviews on a WordPress website:

  • With JavaScript (without a plugin)
  • With a WordPress plugin

The choice is yours.

Option 1: Embed GoogleReviews on WordPress without a plugin

Here are the steps to embed your Google reviews widget on WordPress without using a plugin:

  1. Start a trial to create your EmbedReviews account
  2. Add Google as a source and connect your Google My Business location
  3. Create, customize, and moderate the reviews widget
  4. Copy the provided HTML code at the top-right corner in the widget area
  5. Login to your WordPress site
  6. Open the page where you want to display the Reviews widget
  7. In the page builder click the + icon to add a 'Custom HTML' block and paste the HTML code here
  8. Click ‘Preview’ and if happy with the outcome, ‘Update’ the page

Option 2: Embed Google Reviews with a WordPress Reviews plugin

Find our official EmbedSocial plugin in the WordPress directory that you can use as a Google Reviews plugin alongside other social network such as Facebook to generate reviews from.

To get started, you don't need to find your Google place id, search for your business name or set any Google Places API key or use the Google Rich Snippets option, neither you need to save any Google reviews in your WordPress database.

This is the best WordPress plugin for Google reviews because it does all the job instead of you.

Here are the steps to install and use our reviews WordPress plugin:

  1. Login to your WordPress account
  2. Select the Plugins option and tap to ‘Add New’
  3. Type ‘EmbedSocial’ in the search, Install the EmbedSocial plugin and click ‘Activate’
  4. Set your free trial for EmbedReviews platform
  5. Create and customize your reviews feed
  6. Once done, copy the provided shortcode
  7. Return to your WordPress page
  8. In the visual editor of the page, paste the shortcode in the place where you want to show the widget

If you find yourself struggling with some part of the setup, feel free to reach out to our customer support team and we will be happy to help you.

Please note that when you set an account for EmbedReviews, you get the free version of this tool for 7 days.With the PRO version and Premium version of EmbedReviews, you get numerous features like pulling online reviews from up to 15 sources, creating an unlimited number of reviews feeds and widgets, etc.

For more detailed instructions on how to embed your Google business reviews, check the link below for a  complete Google Reviews guide on creating and embedding the widgets.


Plans start at $29/month and are based on the number of sources.

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